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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Class news,   pp. 230-236

Page 233

commission.  He was chairman of -the
commiqsuion for fom-.rT vi-nr  whild, it, worrk-
-president of the-Michigan College of Mines,
uniq flfl (f h~                  ~a- "~.L~iL~a0
"Roma" disaster. Mr. -McNair made '-the
flight on the "Roma" -in connection- with
his work with the U. S. Bureau of Standards
9-r. Mabelle PARRK has been appointed
director of the state* child welfare bureau,
her office to be with the State Board of
     . .. .: ::- 1892 -,
  TR. 805 E. High St., Sp'ringfield, 0.
           Reune in June!
        Madison, 235 L'athrop St.
    Sec'y-H. L. EKERN, Chicago, Ill.-
           208 So. LaSalle St.
  The Wisconsin Domnesday Book, begun
a year ago 'by Dr. Joseph SCHAFER, super-
ntendent of the State Historical Society,
ATil1 trace the history of Wisconsin' land
rom the time it was firsttsurveyed and sold
o settlers"to thepresent time. The first
'olume. is expected from the press this
7ear.-Att'y Alan BOGUE, Jr., resides at
3arker, S. D.
  Sec'y-ANNA GRIFFITHS,- Madison,
             927 Lake Ct.
 Zona GALE, who is 'making a lecture tour
d. several universities and colleges, de-
vered -a series of. lectures in- Room 165,
3ascom Hall, April 25, 27, and 28! on "The
Jovel"; "The Novel- and Beauty"; and
Making a Play. from a Novell-
     Sec'y-'W. N. PARKER, Madison,
            1908 Jefferson St.
 -. A. A. BRUCE .has, been appointed a
 member'of the committee of the American
 Bar Ass'n to draft a plan for propoganda
 for American ideals.-Judge A-'G. ZIM-
 MEJMAN, Madisoni, had a serious attack of
 influenza with a touch opneumonia the
 latter1'part o-f March.-& E. BROWNE,
 Washington, D. C., memher'of the House
 ,of Representatives, is 'a member of the
 Committee on Foreign Affairs..
              Chicago, IlL.
The Pattington, Apt. A., 700 Irving Park Blvd.
  G. G. :ARMSTRONG represented the Uni-
versity at the installation of Prof. -George
Thomas as president of the University of
Utah on. April 5.-J. T. DITHMAR, for
several years asstant 'attorney general of
Wisconsin, has bein'granted an indefinite
leave of absence from the department.-
Walter McNair, son of"F. W. MCNAiR,.
   Sec'y--G. F. THOMPSON' Chicago, I11.
          * 4100 W. Madison St.
  Prof. Grant SHO  Rm AN, of the classical
department, who left last fall On a years

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