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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Alumni news,   pp. 228-230

Class news,   pp. 230-236

Page 230

        of the New York Palladium- From 1863 to 1884
        he was professor of rhetoric and English liter-
*       ature at Yale, from which instittition he had
        graduated in 1857, re-ceiving his degree from the'
        law school two years lacter. In 1886 his Alma
        mater conferred the LL.D. degree upon him.
        He was also honored with the doctorate from
    -   Illinois and South Carolina colleges.
          FANNIE: OTJEN ZIMMERMAN, ex '09, Wife Of
        J. G. Zimmerman, '04,, died AprilSin Milwaukee.,
          ESTHER OSBORN, '13; died on Fehruary 14,
        1920, of pneumonia. At the time of her death
she was teaching in a consolidated school near
  MAHLON H. CARADINE, law '20, attorney at-
Brodhead,- died suddenly March 23. Mr. Cars-
dine served in the artillery at Camp Taylor
during, the war. He is rememberd for his elo-
quent oratory and his excellent work in the Law
  He 'was a thirty-second degree Mason. Sur-
viving him are his wife of foiur months, and his
parents, 'Att'y and Mrs., ;H. N. Caradine of'
Monroe. His only brother, Ge rald, ex '23, was
killd inFrance during the war.-C. J. W. '  18.
     '             ~1859)
     Sec'y-SAM- EL FALLOWST Chicago,
             1618 WAydams St'
    See'y-J. Re. PARKINSON, Madison
              ý51G Wisconsin* Ave.
   J. B. PARKINSON, professor emeriti
 the University, celebrated his 88th- -b
 dayson April 11.
      Sec'y-W- W. CHURCH, California
      Soldiers' Home, Los Angeles Co.
       *   See'y-W.I WALLACE
               Lfebanon Mo.
     Sec'y-PHILIP STEIN, Chicago, 1ll.
             434i) Grand Blvd.
   A resolution passed by the Library B
recently expresses the following appr
tion of that body of the work done b3
late E. C. MASON:
   "The trustees of the Madison Free Lii
desire to- give expression for themnselve,,
dividailly -and as 4  sbard, to the feelii
losswhich the death of Edwin C. Mason,
of ptesir number, has brought to them.
   "With, one -exception anMr. Mason
served on    the board of trustees. a gr
number Iaof years than any of the pr
members. His deep interest in the gr
and development of the library, and his n
ful willingness to undertake any work
would tend to benefit it made -him inqualt
as a member.
   "Beond *his efficient services to the b(
Of which he was for a number of yea.
president, the members will long cherish
pleasant associations with him. Hq,
always an inspiration and help to them t
the problems of the board seemed perplej
We shall all miss him greatly.
  "Resolved, that this be spread upon
records of the Library Board, and thai
secretary be instructed to transmit a col
Mr. Mason's family."
         Sec'U-W. H. SPENCER,
            White Plains, N. Y.
                7 High St.
      Il.  Sec'y--ýANNIE GORHAM MARSTON.,
                Madison, 210O Princeton Ave.
                    Reune in June!
is of       -"Iliave just read. 'our' MAGAZINE-
,irth-    -whic'h, is nsever mneglected a-minute
          after its. arrival," 'wrfteg' Annie Gor-        -'
          ham Marston, '210, 'Prhiet6n' Ave.,
          Emma PHILLIPS Vroian'nlives- at a-5 E.,
       Wa~lton Pt., Chicago.-A~dda WAswowRii
       Thorme's- address is Bear Creek.-Carrie
       NEL~soN Linulton- resides at, -Elk River,
    *Minn.,-Emma' SHARP Grieve- may be ad-
    *  dressed, at the -Pinckney Apts.,, Madison..
ecia-         -R. F. -D. 2, N. Yakimna, Wash.,
"-the                     17
- Sec'y-B. W. JONES Madisoen
      in112 Langdon St.              ~
Ig of    Justice B. W. JONES, who has b~een
one_ filling an unexpired term on the Supreme
       Court bench, was re-elected. at the April
 hgad  election by, a handsome. maj ority.
esent                     18-71
owth    Sec'y-ALBERT WATKINS, Lincoln, Nebr.
oeer-.                 920 D. St.
that                     1872
iable     uSec'y-H. W. HOYT, Pasadena, Cal.
     lard,965 New York Ave.
 the               Reune in June!
their    Rev. E. C. ARNOLD is living in the U. S.
"wah Soldiers Home at Sawtelle, Cal., a suburb
n      of Los Angeles.-Judge J. K. PARISH, who
   in. was circuit judge of the 15th judicial cir-
 the   cuit of Wisconsin for over twenty-five
 the   years, is librarian of the House of Repre-
St     sentatives.-At the inauguration of Rufus
o      Bernhard von Kleinsmid as president of
       the U. of So. California on April 27-29 the
       University was represented by H. W.
       HOYT, whom    President Birge appointed-
       as official delegate of the institution on that
            Sec'y-M. S. FRAWLEY, Eau Claire
                      326 4th St.
i230 -i

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