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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

On the hill,   pp. 121-127

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 127

News from the Alumni.
for the team have been actively at
work. There is an' abundance of
good material from which to select a
team this year. Four of the five
members of last year's team are
again in attendance at the Univer-
sity, and there are several promis-
ing players among the freshmen.
No team has as yet been selected,
but there is to be a trial for positions
soon. Walter P. Hirschberg,'01, has
again been chos
team, and Dr. J.
manager. A ga
versity of Minn
been scheduled,
from the team of
sity will proba
Games with the
cago, Notre Dar
the Milwaukee
alumni may poss
  The following board of visitors for
1899 -'00 has been appointed by Judge
George H. Noyes, '73, president of
the University Board of Regents:
  State at large-John H. Frank,
Milwaukee; Mrs. S. L. Granes, Mil-
waukee; John G. McMynn, Madi-
son; Rev. Amos Kiehle, Milwaukee.
  First Congressional district-John
H. Harris, Elkhorn.
  Second Congressional district-
Judge John B. Winslow, '75 1, chair-
man, Madison.
  Third Congressional district-Miss
Ellen C. Lloyd-Jones, Hillside.
  Fourth Congressional district -
Mrs. Fannie West Williams, '75,
  Fifth Congressional district-John
R. Dennett, Port Washington.
  Sixth Congressional district-Mrs.
Carrie E. Edwards, Oshkosh.
  Seventh Congressional district-
Caleb M. Hilliard, '81 1, Durand.
  Eighth Congressional district -
James H. Elmore, Green Bay.
  Ninth Congressional district -
Frank E. Noyes, '78, Marinette.
  Tenth Congressional district-Mrs.
Carrie Baker Oakes, '85, New Rich-
  Mrs. Oakes is r
term, and was e'
  At Madison,
Wisconsin Educ,
organized by a ni
prominent educ,
The meeting w.
Stout, of Menom4
Board of Reger
the Stout Manuw
  The plans ar
organization of r
education, the ol
eral advanceme
the state. Memi
ited to teachers.
will be perfected
ary next. Amor
the preliminary
ents J. H. Stout
state superintei
School Inspectc
Dean J. B. Johns
Engineering, I
O'Shea and J.
School of Educ.
erintendent R.
en captain of the
-. Elsom will be its
me with the Uni-
esota has already
and a challenge
Lawrence Univer-
ly be accepted.
University of Chi-
ie University, and
  Normal School
Ibly be arranged.
ow serving her fifth
ected secretary of
November 18, the
Ational Alliance was
imber of the more
ýtors of the state.
ýs called by 1. H.
)nie, member of the
ts and founder of
il Training School.
for a permanent
eople interested in
ject being the gen-
it of educatibn in
)ership is not lim-
  The organization
probably in Janu-
g those present at
neeting were Reg-
and L. D. Harvey,
ident, State High
r W. D. Parker,
:n of the College of
'rofessors M. V.
W. Stearns of the
Ltion, and City Sup-
3. Dudgeon, '76, of
I I l I": I 11 lJl I II ,+'I. I llh I l I I":I+ I I I I i.) III
III I |V I" I I I-

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