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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

The Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [129]-[134]

Page 133

           By PAUL R. WRIGHT, '00
  "Aviation night" for the mem-
bers of the University of Wisconsin
.. ub- of-Uicago-brough-the--d-_
ministration of President C. E.
Pickard, '75, to a close in a blaze
of glory, at the same time ushering
in the era of President Lynn A.
Williams, '00, elected on that au- occasion. The affair-the
date was November 1-7-was both
unique and tremendously success-
ful. Between 200' and 300 Wiscon-
sin men attended and partook of
the feast of reason and flow of soul
and of such other things as make
gatherings of the kind a: delight
to the memory without a headache
the next morning. According to
the recollection of the oldest inhab-
itant it was the greatest assemblage
of alumni ever known in Chicago,
and beyond doubt will do much
to increase the vitality of the club
in this city. At the same time the
Grand   Pacific Hotel, where the
boys met, must have had some new
and startling sensations.
  Before 6,-30 the old U. W. men
were surging around through the
upper hallways of the famous car-
avansary, renewing    former  ac-
quaintances and making fresh ones
until the grand march into the
dining room. Every man was com-
pelled to choose an aeroplane--An-
toinette monoplane, Bleriot mono-
plane, Curtiss biplane, Farman bi-
plane, Voissin biplane or Wright
biplane. Each make of machine
had its captain and as a man chose
so was he seated at the tables,
which were big and were filled.
Some-eight- -or ten ithousand toy
balloons, more or less, moored to
the tables served as decorations.
There was a huge board at which
Finnegan officiated as bookmaker
and the aeroplane races (man pow-
er) twice around the hall, resulted
in a strike riot and everybody con-
cerned was pinched.
7. Somebody discovered  raxly in
the game that toy balloons explode
with considerable heat and noise
and most of-them accordingly blew
  The singing, led by A. T. Conger,
was a feature of the evening. Con-
ger is some Sousa beyond perad-
  Physical Director George W. Eh-
ler came down from Madison and
explaitied to the aiurmni the atti-
tude of tlhia f~n  TIr"-T; ....
upon the plan to develop athletics
for the student body as a whole
and to foster interclass rivalry
were especially interesting.
  Much of the success of the even-
ing is credited to Lynn Williams'
admirable preliminary work in get-
ting out the men.
  Another thing-the eats were
  The address by Dr. Albert J.
Ochsner, '84, was one of the fea-
tures of the evening. Of him the
Chicago Daily News says: "Chica-
go is honored-in the election of Dr.
Ochsner to the presidency of the

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