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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Williams, Lynn A.
The decennial reunion of 1900,   pp. [121]-126

Page [122]

him. This looked as though it
might give the Maroons a chance
but as it turned out it worked just
the opposite. Goaded to madness
by the actual incompetency or un-
fairness of the official, the men
played even harder than before.
Samp went to tackle and Wernicke
to full. It was the same old wall.
   Captain Dean played his last
game as a Badger, and if any
single player deserves credit for
the final success it is none other
than  the former Madison     high
school star who was honored by
his teammates in the election as
captain this year. His quarterback
play in the final game was as good
as anything that has been seen here
in a long time. He ran the team
with rare judgment, picked the
play that the Maroons could not
solve and hung to it, cheered the
men, and did heroic work both at
quarter and at end, where he was
played on defense.
  Eddie Gillette's run of 75 yards
through the entire Chicago team
was the best thing seen since Find-
lay's circumnavigation of the Min-
nesota field when Wisconsin de-
feated th- gophers 16 to 12. At
least five Chicago tacklers got their
hands on him to no avail. He
dodged three others and once free,
there wasn't a man on the Maroon
team* who   could  overtake him.
Newman contributed run after run
of fifteen and twenty yards and
played  a  magnificent  defensive
game. Samp played consistently
at full, while Buser, when he was
drawn back to make first down, re-
sponded every time.
  The outcome of the game gives
Wisconsin ranking above Chicago
and Northwestern and if another
game were played with Indiana,
the Badgers could reverse their
score.  It justifies the team and
justifies Coach Tom Barry who ha.
been the object of considerable
criticism. We are started on a new
career and before another year is
over, Wisconsin will regain its old
position. among the topnotchers of
the West. With the proper inter-
est on the part of the alumni and
the student body, Wisconsin will
solve the difficult problem that has
faced her for several years.
  Now just a word about the cross
country team. Wisconsin on Satur-
day won the intercollegiate run for
the first time in its history. The
greater part of the glor should go
where it belongs--to Coach Wil-
son, Captain Hover and "Red"
Dohmen. But the other members
of ihe team  are not to be over-
looked. Cleveland, Price and Dieter
ran great races and contributed
their part to the splendid victory.
Dohmen set a new conference re-
cord of 26:12, twenty-six seconds
better than any previous mark;
Captain Hover finished an easy
second, breaking the mark also;
Cleveland   was   fourth;  Price,
eighth, and Dieter, eighteenth.
  In passing the compliments, let
us not forget Bernstein, our enthu-
siastic trainer, who has done vali-
ant work with the football men this
year. He has labored hard to con-
dition the men and had them in
the best shape a Badger team has
ever been in.

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