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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Progress of the University,   pp. [82]-88

Page [82]

   Dr. M. P. Ravenel, professor of bac-
 teriology at the University of Wisconsin,
 is in Europe where he represented the
 University of Wisconsin at the centennial
 celebration of the University of Berlin,
 October 10-13. He expects to return to
 this country Nov. 1.
   Prof. G. H. Benkendorf of the dairy
 department of the college of agriculture
 addressed the National Creamery But-
 termakers' Association at their annual
 meeting in Chicago, October 26-28. Pro-
 fessor Benkendorf is secretary of the
 Wisconsin Buttermakers' Association and
 has been chosen to respond to the address
 of welcome by Mayor Busse of Chicago.
   That five quaxtos of the earliest known
editions of   Shakespeare's works are
frauds, as far as the dates of publication
are concerned, has been proven by Wil-
liam J. Neidig, instructor in English. By
careful study of the peculiarities of the
type and spacing on the title pages of
certain  quarto  editions, Mr. Neidig
proved that five of the quartos dated
1600 and 1608 were really printed in
1619, after Shakespeare's death and not
during  his lifetime as scholars have
hitherto assumed.
  The price of early editions of Shake-
speare's plays will be seriously affected
by this discovery, since much of their
value lay in the fact that it was sup-
posed the great dramatist himself might
have handled the books. Mr. Neidig
shows 'that these early editions were
really printed three years after Shake-
speare's death and thus have no more
value than a later edition. The 1600
edition of "The (Merchant of Venice"
recently sold for $3,000.
   It is supposed that the printers ante-
 dated the quartos several years to avoid
 difficulties with the holders of publication
    Dr. W. E. Meanwell, superintendent of
 public gymnastics, Baltimore, will be ap-
 poined as assistant professor of physical
 education at the university at the next
 meeting of the regents. He will also be
 director of the gymnasium, a new posi-
 tion in the physical training department.
   Dr. Meanwell has held two champion-
ship records, one as lightweight cham-
pion in boxing, and the other as Cana-
dian champion wrestler.
    That he was recently re-elected by the
regents to the presidency of the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin by a narrow margin of
one   vote, was   denied  by  President
Charles R1. Van Hise when his attention
was called to newspaper dispatches sent
out to that effect.
  His appointment to the presidency by
the regents in 1904, he pointed out, was
for an unlimited term, as has always been
the case with the president of the univer-
  The question of his re-election, he said,
had never been considered at any meeting
of the board of regents, as under the

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