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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

The Summer School for Apprentices and Artisans in the College of Engineering of the University of Wisconsin,   pp. 201-207

Page 207

The Sum mner School for Apprentices.
  2. Tests of the Strength of Materials.
  3. Tests of Lubricants.
  4. Transmission of Power.
V. Shop Work.
  i. Bench and Machine \Vork in Wood.
  2. Foundry Work.
  3. Bench Work in Iron.
  4. Production of Flat Surfaces and Straight Edges.
  5. Mlachine Work in Iron.
  6. Practice with the Planing and Milling Machines.
  7. Practice with the Lathe and 'Milling Machines.
  8. Forge Work.
  9. Tool Making.
  IO. Machine Construction and Pattern Work.
  The teachers in this summer school will be selected from the
regular staff of professors and assistants in the College of En-
gineering. A sufficient number of these will be detailed to this
work to provide the necessary instruction for those who attend,
provided they make application before June I, i9oi.
  Persons desiring to attend this school during the coming sum-
mer are asked to make application to the undersigned on or be-
fore June i, I9oi. In the letter of application information should
be given under the following heads:
  i. Age and amount of school training.
  2. Amount and kind of experience in practical work.
  3. The courses in the above list which the applicant wishes to
  This information should be given in considerable detail. Some
of the courses here listed will be given only on condition that
there are a sufficient number of students to warrant forming
classes in such subjects. In case there are more applicants than
can be accommodated, those applying first will be given the pref-
erence. It is necessary to know by the first of June about what
work will be demanded in order to arrange for the necessary
teaching force.
  All correspondence and inquiries relating to the work of this
Summer School should be addressed to J. B. Johnson, Dean of
the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison,

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