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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 3 (November 1943)

New executives,   pp. 38-39

Page 39

NO, it isn't a gun or a new style bomb.
It's all we can show you of a special
glass tube that is part of our secret sub-
marine listening apparatus.
The same kind of tubes are used in
listening devices that can pick up the
menacing hum of an enemy plane miles
away. And they're made out of special
glass, to exacting requirements, by
skilled Corning workmen in the peaceful
Chemung Valley in Southern New York
Did we say "peaceful"? That isn't
exactly correct. No subs actually prowl
the Chemung, but there's plenty of war-
like activity going on at Corning Glass
Works, just as in every glassworks in
the whole United States.
For Corning, like other glassmakers,
was ready to turn its skill and experience
to our country's use before the smoke
had cleared at Pearl Harbor. For ex-
ample, since World War I, Corning has
developed medical and chemical glass-
ware that frees this nation from de-
pendence on foreign imports. This ma-
terial is now flowing in a steady stream
to industry, hospitals, and laboratories.
Hundreds of other items are made by
Corning to aid the war effort. Optical
glass, insulators for planes and tanks and
ships, heavy glass parts for the manu-
facture of explosives, even glass preci-
sion gauges (ring, plug and others).
Many of these jobs represent new uses
for glass, where glass replaces metals
because it is strong, resistant to wear
and corrosion, and fairly plentiful.  
After the war many of these uses
will stay, and new ones will be add-
ed because glass is a material of endless
possibilities. And then, as now, Corn-
ing will be the center of American glass
In your own future as an engineer,
keep your eye on glass! Corning Glass
Works, Corning, New York.
       -    means-
 Research in Glass

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