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Baird, Jerome E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 47, Number 8 (May 1943)

Jacobson, Glenn; Tomlinson, Charles
Alumni notes,   pp. 30-36 ff.

Page 32

       (continued from page 28)
 ernoon of the 13th, with two inspec-
 tion trips, one through the Mer-
 chandise  Mart, and   the  other
 through the Lakeside Press.
   The men who represented Wis-
 consin at the conference were Pro-
 fessor D. W. Nelson, Karl Pennau,
 Bob Lanz, Stan Puidokas, and Rene
                  -RENE GEHL
                  Public'tv Chairman
  A new engineering society known
  as the Mechanical Engineers' So-
ciety of Wisconsin, was formed
Wednesday, April 21, in the Me-
morial Lounge of the Memorial
   At a joint meeting of the S.A.E.
and A.S.M.E. the constitution of the
new organization was read, criti-
cized, and approved. The two older
societies will continue in existence
with optional membership. The new
body will act in conjunction with
the other two and in addition will
integrate more closely the campus
activities affecting mechanical engi-
  An election of officers was held
with the following results: Fred
Graper, president; Roy Anderson,
vice president; Leonard Velander,
secretary; and Darrel Engel, treas-
  Refreshments were served after
the business meeting concluded.
                 -RENE GEHL
                 Publicity Chairman
  Plans for the annual picnic were
discussed at the meeting of April
7, 1943. Charles Naeser was ap-
pointed general chairman for the
event. At the meeting of April 21,
the following men were elected as
new officers: Ed Kloman, president;
Roy Erichsen, vice-president; Wil-
bur M. Haas, secretary; and Gor-
don Robeck, treasurer.
  Mr. LeRoy W. Empey, c'26, con-
tact man with the Wisconsin Sec-
tion of A.S.C.E., was present at the
meeting, and discussed the transi-
tion in the period between the last
World War and the present con-
flict in the light of its effect upon
engineers. Mr. Empey was formerly
the Assistant Division Engineer for
the Wisconsin Highway Commis-
sion at Green Bay, and is now doing
research work at the Forest Prod-
ucts Laboratory here in Madison.
                       -BILL HAAS
   The following new officers were
 elected at the April meeting of the
 A.I.Ch.E. Richard Soit, president;
 Albert Oman, vice-president-treas-
 urer; Marvin Woerpel, secretary.
 Ground plans were laid for the an-
 nual picnic, and a report on the St.
 Pat campaign was given. Following
 the business meeting Larry Pagel, a
 chemical engineer from the Bad-
 ger Ordnance Works, presented
 some of the problems and tech-
 niques confronted in the powder in-
 dustry. Following his very interest-
 ing talk refreshments were drunk.
              -MARV WOERPEL
         PI TAU SIGMA
  Alpha Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma
held its annual picnic on May 8 at
the Tent Colony. Highlight of the
afternoon was the baseball game in
which the seniors were beaten by the
other members, 6-4. Refreshments
consisting of beer, pretzels, hot dogs
and coke kept up the members'
energy, and everyone had a swell
  Several engineers have been help-
ing the editor of this page by writ-
ing on their own societies. Rene
Gehl has been doing a magnificent
job of reporting for the past sev-
eral months on A.S.M.E. and, more
recently, the new Mechanical Engi-
neering Society. Warren Friske has
kept the Mining Club in the ink,
and Marv Woerpel has been doing
the A.I.Ch.E. write-ups. Other men
have been turning in articles from
time to time, including Joseph
Klien, Pi Tau Sigma, and Karl Pen-
nau, Tau Beta Pi. The efforts of all
engineers who help to fill this page
are greatly appreciated.
                   -BILL HAAS
                -C. N. EDITOR
        (continued from page 30)
 of the U. S. N., was married March 16
 to Miss Emily Sneed. Their present home
 is at Williamsburg, Virginia.
 stationed at Escanaba, Michigan, was re-
 cently promoted from Captain to Major.
 the fighting front in North Africa, was
 recently promoted from Second to First
   DONOHUE, JERRY, '07, died on
 April 13 in a Sheboygan hospital, fol-
 lowing a minor operation. He was among
 the leaders of his profession in Wiscon-
 sin. In 1921 he incorporated the Jerry
 Donohue Engineering Company, which
 served many Wisconsin municipalities as
 a consultant on water and sewerage mat-
 ters. The sewerage treatment plant that
 he built for Antigo is said to have been
 the first plant in the United States to
 collect and utilize the gases of decompo-
 sition. The issue of the Wisconsin Engi-
 neer for May, 1931, carried an account
 of his achievements as one of Wiscon-
 sin's successful engineers. His geniality
 won him many friends and many honors.
   CRANDALL, LEE W., '36, left the
Bureau of Reclamation last August and
is at present a stress engineer for the
Hoosier Aircraft Company of Elkhart,
Indiana, assigned to Fairchild Aircraft
at Hagerstown, Maryland.
  VOELKER, RAY F., '37, ensign in
the Sea Bees, finished training early in
April and was able to return to Milwau-
kee to see his new daughter, Kathryn
Louise, born March 28, before he had to
leave for parts unknown in active serv-
  REED, PHILIP D., '21, recently re-
signed his positon as Chairman of the
Board of Directors of General Electric
in order to continue his work as Deputy
Chief of the Harriman Mission in Lon-
  BJORNSON, B. G., '22, is broadcast-
ing for NBC from Reykjavik, Iceland.
  HENRY, EDISON E., '22, is with a
public utility at Ardmore, Oklahoma.
president of the Lauson Co., New Hol-
stein, Wisconsin, which builds industrial
and marine gasoline engines.
    Miners and Metallurgists
  SCHULTZ, JACK M., '42, who is
with the Aluminum Company of Amer-
ica at New Kensington, Pennsylvania,
was married on April 10 to Miss Doro-
thy Elisabeth Weaver of New Kensing-

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