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Matthias, F. T. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 33, Number VIII (May 1929)

Plotz, R. S.
Alumni notes,   pp. 288-289

Page 289

pany, is now living at 411 Park Avenue, River Forest, Ill.
  Maucini, Joseph J., c'16, who is a geologist for the Mar-
land Products Company at Wichita Falls, Texas, is now
living at 2001 Tyler Street, Amarillo, Texas.
  Merz, H. Spencer, c'28, who lost his position with the
Chicago Sanitary Commission when the latter had its big
upheaval this winter, is now with Pearse, Greely, and
Hansen working on plans for a two and one-half million
dollar intercepting sewer system for the city of Rockford,
Illinois. His address is 206 Lakin Terrace, Rockford, Ill.
  Pilz, Arthur, c'27, has left the extension division of the
University at Madison and will work with the Eau Claire
division of the Wisconsin Highway Commission.
  Powell, Robert, c'23, died recently from injuries received
in an automobile accident near Columbia, South Carolina.
At the time of his death he was working on a power dam
across the Saluda River. In memory of his notable work
on the dam the power tower will be dedicated Powell Tower.
  Rohlfing, Anthony F., c'22, who is superintendent of con-
struction for the S. M. Siesel Company of Milwaukee, was
a recent visitor at the College of Engineering.
  Schwada, J. P., c'11, C. E.'26, who is a former instructor
in structural engineering, was recently reappointed City
Engineer of Milwaukee for the third time. At the present
time Schwada's biggest job is the working out of the house
renumbering, the street renaming, and the railroad grade
separation in the city of Milwaukee.
  Shore, Franklin K., c'29, one of our recent Chinese grad-
uates, has done some of the structural designing upon what
will be for a short time the tallest building in the world,
the Bank of Manhattan building in New York. The struc-
ture will be sixty-four stories or 840 feet in height and
will top the Woolworth building by 48 feet; but the Chicago
Tower building, also called the Apparel Mart, upon which
construction will start about May 1, will top the Bank
'of Manhattan building by 40 feet. The framing from the
19th to the 64th floor occupied less than one-hundred and
twenty-four hours of actual work. The column loads for
the tower, some of which were as much as fourteen million
pounds, and the column loads for the entire building were
also taken care of by Shore.
   Sogard, Lawrence T., c'24, has recently entered the em-
ploy of the Johns-Manville organization, manufacturers and
distributors of asbestos products. In a recent letter to
Professor Van Hagan he writes: "My last job with the
Sanitary District was a survey of the Chicago and North-
western freight and coach yard under which the District
proposed to drive an interceptor - some day. This yard
was alive with switch engines. My Politico-rodmen and
chainmen moved a bit more sprightly than was their usual
wont,-much to my amusement."        At present Sogard is
living at 751 North Central Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
   Stephens, Clyde K., c'29, who completed his work in
February and went to work with the army engineers in
Milwaukee, is with a party that is starting a survey of
the Muskegon River. "The river is about 210 miles long,"
he writes, "and there will be only one transit party, so you
can guess how long it will take. We stay in one town
and then pick up luggage and move to the new town."
   Stivers, E. R., C. E.'15, is now connected with Beckley
College, a private institution located at Harrisburg, Pennsyl-
vania. His home address is 211 N. Front Street, Harris-
burg, Pennsylvania.
   Wiepking, Chris A., c'21, C. E.'26, who has charge of the
research work for the Department of Public Works of
Milwaukee, has recently been made an associate member of
the American Society of Civil Engineers.
   Youngberg, George E., c'14, who for the past four years
 has been located at Venice, Florida, as Chief Engineer of
 -the Realty Corporation of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers, has had charge of the surveys for farm   and
city development on about 60,000 acres. During the height
of the boom he had about 100 surveyors and engineers
working on the development of the paving, water supply,
sewers, sidewalks, and electricity distribution.
  Among the April visitors to the College of Engineering
were: C. M. Halseth, c'11; C. H. Luckey, c'14; A. W. Crump,
c'15; H. A. Doeringsfeld, c'16; W. Z. Lidicker, c'27; and
G. E. Youngberg, c'14.
  Peterson, Orin P., E. M.'14, is now employed as a mining
engineer for the William H. Taylor, Trustee, room 1205,
318 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, California. He is living
at 215 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California.
  Carson, W. H., m'23, is at present director of the school
of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma,
Norman, Oklahoma.
  Dabney, William L., mechanical, who was superintendent
of the shops some six years ago is now living at 5902 Gar-
field Street, New  Orleans, Louisiana.  While in school
Dabney was a member of Pi Tau Sigma, honorary mechan-
ical engineering fraternity.
  Hay, Donald Leith, m'17, M. S.'20, Ph. D.'22, is now con-
sulting engineer for Naval Research Laboratory, "Bellevue",
Anacostia, D. C. He is living at 3805 S. Street, N. W.,
Washington, D. C.
  McArthur, Arthur R., m'00, who was president of the
Gary Board of Education and Chief Engineer of the Gary
Tin Mills suddenly passed away on March 12. For the last
12 years he had held the presidency of the board of educa-
tion and had also served the tin mills for a great number
of years.
  Neess, Carl J., m'28, is now doing work in the Coke Plant
of the Wisconsin Steel Company of 106 and Torrence
Avenue, South Chicago, Illinois.  At present he is in
charge of the regulating devices in the coke plant and
is also doing a little research work on the side. Neess
home address is 3039 E. 91 Street, South Chicago, Illinois.
  Robertson, L. B., m'06, is now superintendent of the Coke
plant of the Wisconsin Steel plant at 106 and Torrence
Avenue, South Chicago, Illinois.
  Stewart, Fred C., m'23, is the author of two articles
appearing in current issues of "The Southern Power
Journal" under the subject "Some Factors of Furnace De-
  Downing, R. C., ch'10, is working on the installation of
a high pressure gas compressor which will supply eight
miles of the surburban territory surrounding Lowell, Mass.
His home address is 81 Luce Street, Lowell, Mass.
  Weimer, Bernard A., ch'24, was married on the sixth of
April to Miss Annette Kay of Chicago.
  DeLay, Frederick Abraham, e'02, is now research engineer
for the Middle West Utilities Company at 72 West Adams
Street, Chicago, Illinois.
  Haevers, William, e'09, is now an electrical engineer for
the Public Servic Company at 82 W. Adams Street, Chicago,
Illinois. He is living at 616 S. 18th Avenue, Maywood, Ill.
   Johnson, C. E., e'26, located with the Consumers Power
 Company of Jackson, Michigan, has been married since
 February 18 to Miss Irene Schermerhorn of Orange City,
 Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are now at home at 812
 South Mechanic Street, Jackson, Michigan.
                  (Continued on page 298)
MAY, 1929

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