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Wisconsin alumnus


Richard, George, Editor
Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 10
Feb. 15, 1955

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[Cover], pp. [1]-2

[Contents], p. 3

Sidelines, p. 3

Wisconsin Alumni Association officers and directors, p. 4

What do parents think?, p. 4

"Wisconsin influence lingers on", p. 5

Dear editor , p. [6]

Keeping in touch with Wisconsin, Berge, John p. 7

High enrollments: should they be considered a liability--or an asset?, Fred, E. B. pp. 8-9

The University's place in state spending 1953-54, p. [10]

Governor again seeks "coordination", p. 11

Midyear graduates form vanguard of class of 1955, p. 12

Free speech defended: debaters stick by China issue, pp. 12-13

Looking through the iron curtain, pp. 14-15

Regents urged to push housing plans, p. 16

Reed of GE announces gift program, p. 16

Wisconsin men active in atomic research plan, p. 17

Faculty, p. 18

Campus chronicle, Alme, Char p. 19

Journalism and Wisconsin, Foss, Robert pp. 20-22

A look to the future, Nafziger, Ralph p. 22

J-School honors six alumni, p. 23

Can U.S. efforts help the Reds?, Quirino, Carlos p. 24

Wisconsin women, Chatterton, Grace p. 25

How foreign educators react to US, McGrath, Hazel pp. [26]-28

On Wisconsin in sports, Lentz, Art pp. 28-29

Clubs, pp. 30-31

Regents welcome gifts, grants, p. 31

With the classes, pp. 31-36

Necrology, pp. 37-39

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