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Wisconsin engineer


Steele, Mariah; Zilist, Svetlana, Editor
Wisconsin engineer
Volume 98, No. 2
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, March 1994

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Table of contents, p. 1

Editorial: where the women aren't, Steele, Mariah p. 2

Dean's corner: your personal balance sheet, Bollinger, John G. p. 3

Faculty profile: levelling with Lovell: Professor Ed Lovell, chair of engineering mechanics department, tells all, Shalabi, Leslie p. 4

The world's first z-laser, Mlinarcik, Lisa p. 5

Cooking up structures at the atomic-scale café, Och, Jason pp. 6-7

Touching the future: engineering outreach programs, Hunt, Alyssa pp. 8-9

The challenge of technology and culture: the technical Japanese program, Stephenson, Sarah pp. 10-11

Engineering briefs, Leisses, Sue; Hunt, Alyssa; Keller, Willie pp. 12-13

Technical communication internships: experiencing the future, Shimshak, Wendy pp. 14-15

Multimedia: computers as part of our daily lives, Wolfram, Tony p. 16

Co-combustion: meeting new needs with old fuels, Keller, Willie p. 17

International engineering programs: a gateway to adventure, Hunt, Alyssa pp. 18-19

Caldwell leads evaluation of state's new computer system, Howell, Caitlin pp. 20-21

The internet: plugging into a world of resources, Howell, Caitlin pp. 22-24 ff.


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