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Wisconsin engineer


Chen, Sharon; Hromadka, Nancy, Editor
Wisconsin engineer
Volume 94, No. 1
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, October, 1989

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Table of contents, p. 1

Editorial, Hromadka, Nancy p. 2

Dean's corner: a student's impressions of dean John G. Bollinger, Chen, Sharon p. 3

Ladies, women, and engineers: a brief history of women in the UW-Madison College of Engineering, Fish, Kimberly pp. 4-8

The evolution of the College of Engineering campus, Teng, Winnie pp. 9-11

Garbage alternatives: you can't just throw it away anymore, Hegeman, Frederick pp. 12-14

Real engineers don't drink decaf, Chen, Sharon pp. 15-17

From the lab to the marketplace: fine tuning the transfer of technology, Tomasko, Ann pp. 18-21

Engineer abroad: a summer in Turkey, Ayaz, Deniz pp. 22-[25]

Engineering briefs, Peters, Steve p. 26

AEO nation bound, p. 27

Faculty profile: assistant professor Denice Denton, Hromadka, Nancy pp. 28-29

Faculty profile: assistant professor Jeffery Russel, Weisheipl, Kelly pp. 30-31

Faculty profile: assistant professor Regina Murphy, Smith, Stefanie p. 32

Faculty profile: retiring professors say goodbye, Weinbrenner, Wendy pp. 33-[35]

Just one more: lottery mix up: UW College of Engineering awarded as prize, Apthorpe, Robert pp. 36 ff.


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