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The Wisconsin engineer


Schubert, John; Huebner, William, Editor
The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 65, Number 5
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, February 1961

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-4

[Contents], pp. 5-9

[Frontispiece], p. [10]

Rambling with the editor, J. C. S. pp. 11-14

High school section [A career begins--the freshman in the College of Engineering, Shiels, K. G. pp. 15-17

[High school section] Career opportunities in engineering, Marks, James A. p. 18

[High school section] The engineering profession, Wendt, Kurt F. p. 19

[High school section] University Extension, Grogan, Paul J. pp. 20-21

[High school section: chemical engineering], Ragatz, R. A. pp. [22]-23

[High school section: the work of the civil engineer], Lenz, Arno T. pp. [24]-25

[High school section: engineering mechanics], Washa, George W. pp. 26-27

[High school section: electrical engineering], Peterson, H. A. pp. [28]-29

[High school section: mechanical engineering], Harker, Ralph J. pp. 30-33

[High school section: mining and metallurgical engineering], Rosenthal, P. C. pp. [34]-35

[High school section: women in engineering], Friede, Barbara p. 36

[High school section: be active], Noth, Myron A. pp. 37-41

[Girl of the month: Joellen Fisher], pp. [42]-47

Science highlights, Cress, Dave pp. 48-51

Sneed's review, Hussa, Dick pp. 52-62

Stripped gears, Huebner, William S. pp. 63-64 ff.


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