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The Wisconsin engineer


Hentges, Robert A., Editor
The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 60, Number 7
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, April 1956

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-3

[Frontispiece], p. [4]

[Contents], pp. 5-[9]

Speaking for the staff . . . the Engineer serves an important role in encouraging high school students to prepare for engineering careers, Hentges, Robert A. p. 10

Memory machines, Schilling, Jim pp. 11-13

Sound and the motion picture, Quentmeyer, Richard J. pp. 14-19

Airplane de-icing, Karlson, Robert pp. [20]-21

Steam powered automobiles, Lohrey, John pp. 22-25

Science highlights, Witzel, Ted pp. 26-30

High school section [The engineering profession], Wendt, Kurt F. pp. 31-32

[High school section] Stop and think, Marshall, W. R., Jr. p. 33

[High school section] Are you ready for college?, Shiels, K. G.; O'Keefe, Mary R. p. 34

[High school section] Why consult the oracle?, Brown, C. M. p. 35

[High school section: chemical engineering], Noth, Phil pp. [36]-37

[High school section: civil engineering], Albrecht, John pp. [38]-39

[High school section: electrical engineering], Schilling, Jim pp. [40]-41

[High school section: mechanical engineering], Barr, Lawrence D. pp. [42]-43

[High school section: mining and metallurgical engineering], Gilpin, Barclay pp. 44-45

[High school section] What's your question?, Albrecht, John pp. 46-51

W. S. P. E., Elton, Bob pp. 52-73

Static, Drops, I. R. pp. 74-76 ff.


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