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The Wisconsin engineer


Leisses, Robert, Editor
The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 57, Number 6
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, March 1953

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[Cover], pp. [unnumbered]-5

This - n - that, pp. 6-10

[Contents], pp. [11]-[12]

Editorial: graduation and the draft, J. E. B. p. 13

Joy-stick autos, Thelin, Carl pp. 14-15

Channel wing aircraft, Liska, Donald pp. 16-19

Ultraviolet radiation, Nagy, R.; Nixon, F. H. pp. 20-21

Saint Pat was an engineer, pp. 22-23

Tesla: the father of alternating current, Desens, Del pp. 24-25

Engineer's day, Edwards, Don p. 26

Professional problems, Harrison, William. F. p. 27

On the campus, Godfrey, Kneeland p. 28

High school section [introduction], p. 29

A typical freshman schedule, p. 30

[Invitation to 1952 engineering expo], Schneck, Kenneth H. p. 31

Essential considerations, Withey, M. O. p. 32

The employment situation, Goehring, Henry G. p. 33

Student exhibits, pp. 34-35

[The engineering departments] Chemical engineering, Hougen, Olaf A. p. 36

[The engineering departments] Civil engineering, Woodburn, James G. p. 36

[The engineering departments] Mechanical engineering, Hyland, P. H. p. 37

[The engineering departments] Mechanics department, Kommers, J. B. p. 37

[The engineering departments] Electrical engineering, Peterson, H. A. p. 37

Polygon board and its functions, Schmidley, Allen p. 38

Exposition exhibits, Groth, Dick pp. 39-41

W. S. P. E., Carter, Stephen pp. 42-49

Alumni notes, Buchholz, Eugene pp. 50-53

Science highlights, Worscheck, Gene pp. 54-75

Static, Drops, I. R. pp. 76-80 ff.


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