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The Wisconsin engineer


Bebb, E. C., Editor
The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 1, No. 1
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, June 1896

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Index to the Wisconsin engineer

Table of contents

[Title page]

Greeting, pp. [unnumbered]-4

Approximate methods for the rapid determination of azimuth, latitude and time, Comstock, George C. pp. 4-9

Storage battery auxiliaries for railway power stations, Williams, W. H. pp. 9-22

The theory of energy in hydraulics, Hoskins, L. M. pp. 23-26

Roads of Wisconsin, Burgess, G. H.; Monahan, J. J. pp. 27-31

Subways for electric wires, Burton, W. C. pp. 31-35

New data on increased accuracy of stadia measurements, Smith, Leonard S. pp. 36-47

Power tests of centrifugal cream separators, Richter, A. W. pp. 47-61

Specifications for structural iron and steel, Worden, B. L. pp. 61-64

A hot trail, Van Ornum, J. L. pp. 65-70

Two-wattmeter method as applied to tri-phase circuits, Frankenfield, B. D. pp. 70-75

The problem of economical heat, light and power supply for business blocks, school houses, dwellings, etc., Gerdtzen, G. Adolph pp. 75-76

Inspection of government land surveys in western Washington, Gregerson, L. T. pp. 76-79

A new method of measuring the variation of the current in telephone transmitters, Ford, Arthur H. pp. 79-81

A comparative test of a compound and a single expansion locomotive, Hanson, W. S.; Hartwell, F. I.; Meyer, E. W. pp. 81-82

Electric motors in factories, pp. 82-84

Editorial notes, pp. 84-88

Alumni notes, pp. 88-89

Wisconsin engineer index, pp. 89-iii

[Cover], p. [iv]

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