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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

News of the grads,   pp. 21-27

Page 21

                 THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                          21
                    NEWS OF THE GRADS
 T  HE annual meeting of the Alum-  ing of the senior class addresses on
 ni Association was held in room     the purposes and work of the Asso-
 165, University Hall, June 18, 1907,  ciation were made by the president
 at 10:30 A. M. The meeting was      of the Association and the president
             called to order by Burr   of the University. These effortshad
 Minutes of W. Jones, '70, president  been made in accordance with the
 Meetini    of the Association.  The  action of the Association at the pre-
            minutes of the previous   ceding annual meeting. The execu-
 annual meeting were read   by the   tive  committee  recommended  that
 secretary and approved.               the new executive committee should
   Moved by M. S. Dudgeon, Law       continue the attempt to secure the
 '95, that a committee of five -ee ap-  co-operation of the graduating class
 pointed by the_ chair- to nominate  in all practicable ways.
 officers of--thi  Association for the  Bertha Pitman   Sharp, '08, ex-
jeMSuin-g year. Motion seconded and  tended an invitation from Miss Caro-
carried.  The chair appointed   as  line L. Hunt to visit during the day
such  committee:  M. S. Dudgeon,    the department of home economics
Law '95, G. C. Comstock, Law '83,   and its exhibit of sanitary house-
C. S. Montgomery, '72, Miss Jessie  cleaning.
M. Meyer, '79, and E. H. Ochsner,     The committee on nomination of
'91.                                 officers reported  as follows:  For
   The report of the general secre-  president, Henry W. Hoyt, '72, of
 tary, Max - Loeb, '05, -was presented  Detroit, Mich.; for vice-president,
 by him  verbally, showing that the  Josephine Sarles Simpson, '83, of
 profits of the Alumni Magazine for  Minneapolis, Minn.; for recording
 the year 1906-07 would barely pay   secretary, Walter M. Smith, '90, of
 the salary of the general secretary  Madison;  for  directors  for  two
 and editor. Mr. Loeb stated that a  years, Robert G. Siebecke r,'78, of
 complete financial report would be  Madison; Charles N. Brown, Law
 nade to the executive committee as  '81, of Madison; and   Timothy L.
 . oon as the closing of accounts for  Harrington, '90, of Milwaukee.  C.
 .he year 1906-07 would render such  S. Montgomery, '72, moved that the
 z report possible. On motion of T.  secretary be instructed to cast the
 fL. Harrington, '90, the executive  ballot of the Association  for the
 Committee was authorized to audit   persons nominated.  Ballot was re-
 Such report when made.                ported as so cast by the secretary
   The recording   secretary, W. M.  and the officers were then declared
Smith, '90, made a verbal report    elected by the chair.
concerning the efforts of the execu-  The treasurer, M. S. Dudgeon,.
tive committee to interest the senior  Law '95, made his annual reportfor
class in the   Alumni Association,  the term ending June 18, 1907. On
stating that at a well-attended meet-  motion this report was referred to

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