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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Editorial,   pp. [3]-6

Page [3]

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     >4 i-'of        3            JUL 5      Ai955
  #~CT 11 909
  Ci'i~r 310to ixstUn            Alumni 1f                zigngu
  VOL. IX.                OCTOBER -NOVEMBER, 1907              NOS. I AND
 T  HE Wisconsin Alumni Magazine     magazine to take, we will make it
 has       again  passed  into  new   our business to ascertain the opin-
 hands. After two years of conscien-  ions of the alumni. So, if you re-
 tious service to the alumni of the   ceive such inquiries please help us
 University, Mr. Max Loeb has sev-    out of our embarrassment by     an
 ered his connection with the maga-   early reply. Even after such cau-
 zine.  During these two years the   tion we will probably not always be
 number of subscribers has been more  successful in getting the true alumni
 than doubled, the amount of adver-   point of view. In such case we shall
 tising has been increased, the quality  be pleased to publish, in the next
 of the publication  has been   im-  issue, your reasons for holding the
 proved and a new directory of the    directly opposite opinion.
 officers and graduates of the Uni-     Whatever shall be our shorteom-
 versity has been compiled. For this  ings, we want you to be free in that
 splendid service the University and  spirit of helpful criticism  which
 the alumni are indebted to Mr. Loeb.  through  such  co-operation  cannot
 It is for us to take up his "unfin-  deny to Wisconsin a magazine which
 ished work."  In entering upon out   will "preserve and strengthen
 task we are conscious of no small    bond of interest and reverence of the
 amount of responsibility. We trust   Wisconsin graduate for his Alma
 that the alumni, whose agents we     Mater."
 are, appreciate their part in the
 work.  Their responsibility is two-      DO  YOU WANT ATHLETICS?
 fold: First, take the magazine, pay    Our athletic question is no nearer
 for it at the proper time, help us to  to a solution than it was three years
 keep track of yourself and your      ago. The issue of clean or unclean
 friends, and contribute to the liter-  athletics, we are glad to say, no
 ary side of the magazine; and see-   longer exists. The arguments which
 ond, by patronizing our advertisers  were used in the purity campaign
 help us to make good our promise     are no longer applicable to condi-
 to the business men, when w.-e told  tions, because our athletics have been
 them that advertising with us would  purged, until there is not a living
 pay them.                           microbe in a football suit.    They
 The policy of the magazine will be  have been so thoroughly fumigated
to reflect not so much our individual  that there is no chance of one ever
opinions, as the opinions of the    hatehing.  The situation   today is
alumni.  When we are at all in      simply that our athletics are pure,
doubt as to the proper stand for the  but poor.  The question for every

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