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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 84, Number 4 (May 1983)

Member news,   pp. 26-27

Page 26

Bowen '53
              Os      FREDERICK CLAPP '25,
2Os&3                 '28, a retired attorney
and resident of Ojai, California for twenty years,
earned the Man of the Year award from its
Chamber of Commerce. Among the organiza-
tions he's credited with aiding as a volunteer are
the local Red Cross, Humane Society and the
school district.
   The Janesville YMCA recently honored Lois
SECHEVERALL Buell '35 with its Woman of Dis-
tinction award. She is a volunteer instructor at its
Senior Citizens Center, is active with the city Art
League, and just completed a four-year post on
the public library's fine arts committee.
   WALLACE T. DREW '37 is now a vice-
president of sales in the Santa Barbara, Califor-
nia office of Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Co.
He's been with the firm there since 1975.
   Lions Club International presented Delafield
resident RALPH MEHLOS '38 with its International
President's Commendation. He is a district gov-
ernor, credited with leading the district to
record-breaking fund raising projects and the
formation of seven new clubs.
               OS     The General Agents
      4 S 6      S    and Managers Confer-
ence of the NALU tapped 0. ALFRED GRANUM
'43 for its Hall of Fame. He is general agent for
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance of Chi-
   Campus chemical engineering professor R.
BYRON BIRD PhD'50 was named the 1982 recipi-
ent of the Phillips Lecture Award at Oklahoma
State University. It recognizes outstanding con-
tributions to the field.
   The Wisconsin Council on Economic Educa-
tion gave its Teaching Excellence Award to W.
LEE HANSEN '50, '55 of our economics and edu-
cational policy studies departments. He has also
been appointed to preside over the Committee
on Economic Education of the American Eco-
nomic Association.
   Roy W. PLEKENPOL '50 has been named a re-
gional vice-president of business sales for Ameri-
can Bell, a new subsidiary of AT&T. He and his
wife Lois MIELKE '49 live in Morristown, N.J.
   WALTER F: WEDIN '50, '53, professor of
agronomy at Iowa State University, received the
Medallion Award from the American Forage
and Grassland Council. The council calls him an
internationally known grassland scientist who
"has had a major influence in Uruguay, Korea,
Japan and Sweden." He has been on the ISU fac-
ulty since 1961.
   UW-Madison entomologist R. KEITH CHAP-
MAN PhD'50 recently received the Award of
Merit from the north-central branch of the Ento-
mological Society of America. He works primar-
ily on the ecology and biology of insects that
transmit plant diseases.
   DAvID P. VALENTINE '51 moves from Chi-
cago to Amarillo with Santa Fe Industries. He is
now general manager of its western lines.
   ROBERT C. BOWEN '53, Pittsburgh, has joined
Allegheny International as a vice-president of its
engineered products group. He's been with
Lamb Technicon there.
   For his "outstanding contributions to the arts
and service to the community," ROBERT J. PUM
'58, '63 has been presented the Concerned Edu-
cator for the Arts Award of the Wisconsin Art
Education Association. He is on the faculty of
the visual arts department of the UW-Green
   Dean LEO WALSH MS'57, PhD'59 of our
School of Agriculture and Life Science, now
chairs the division of agriculture of the National
Association of State Universities and Land
Grant Colleges.
6Os&        7Os       ARTHUR R. MLODOZE-
                      NIEC '60, '62 of Law-
rence, Kansas, is now the president-elect of the
Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the
American Pharmaceutical Association. He is ex-
ecutive director of a division of Merck Sharp and
Dohme in Lawrence, and teaches at the universi-
ties of Kansas and Kentucky.
   Here in Madison, LAWRENCE A. SOLTIS '63,
'64 on the staff of Forest Products Laboratory
since 1979, now heads its research on the criteria
for engineering design. He is credited with writ-
ing some twenty-five articles on structural engi-
   PAUL ASPINWALL '64, Stamford, Conn., and
his family will stay there even though IBM has
named him manager of software forecasting for
its Europe-Middle East-Africa subsidiary.
   LOUIS A. HOLLAND '65 is part of a new Chi-
cago money management firm, Hahn Holland &
Grossman. He has been a vice-president of A.G.
Becker and on its staff for fifteen years.
   DWIGHT L. TEETER PhD'66, chairman of the
department of journalism at the University of
Texas at Austin, is the first recipient of its Win.
P. Hobby Centennial Professorship in Commun-
ication. His specialty is media law, and he is a co-
Plekenpol '50
Mlodozeniec '60, '62, '64
Pipe Puzzle
HARET HAUGEN Johnson '43 has writ-
ten to ask if we can help unravel the mys-
tery of a peace pipe she has inherited.
She believes it was at one time the prop-
erty of a family named Hartman or
Hartwell, and that it has to do with a
turn-of-the-century graduation cere-
mony here on campus. Emer. Prof. Me-
rle Curti, the campus historian, says he's
not heard of it, nor has the University
Archives any reference. Still, Mrs.
Johnson feels sure the UW lore around
it is based on fact. If anyone can shed
any light on it, write directly to her at:
Rt. 1,Box231,BayfieldWisc. 54814.

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