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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 83, Number 1 (Nov. 1981)

Member news,   p. 28

Page 28

Stucki '48             Petri '69
The Early Years.
Harvey W. Edmund '11, who was in the signal
corps in World War I, got a nostalgic gift for his
ninety-fourth birthday. A grandson arranged for
him to fly in a 1918-era Jenny, the type of plane
he had flown in during the war. Edmunds lives in
Santa Cruz, California.
Herbert V. Prochnow '21, '22, Evanston, retired
in September after thirty-seven years as director
of our summer School of Banking. (Last Decem-
ber, the school was named after him.) Prochnow
served as Undersecretary of State for Economic
Affairs in the Eisenhower administration and
was counselor to various foreign governments.
He was founder and president of the Interna-
tional Monetary Conference, and was a financial
columnist for the Chicago Sunday Tribune from
1968 to 1970. He recently edited Bank Credit, an
in-depth study of credit and loan practices au-
thored by thirty-four banking authorities.
Eugene J. Zander '28, '38, Silver Spring, Md.,
has been appointed to the board of trustees of
state universities and colleges for a five-year
term. Zander served twelve years in the House
of Delegates of the Maryland Legislature.
4O0 Glenn Bailey '46 was the subject of a
          feature in Forbes Magazine for last
March 16. The Tarrant, N.Y. president of the
Keene Corporation formed a holding company,
Bairnco, "with Keene as the first and for a while
only subsidiary, (which) will be buying small
growth companies that will be fattened up and
eventually spun off partially or entirely to stock-
holders," Forbes says.
Jacob C. Stucki '48, '51, '54, Kalamazoo, direc-
tor of pharmaceutical research and development
for The Upjohn Company, has been promoted
to a vice-presidency.
Chicago's mayor Jane Byrne has appointed The-
odore G. Schuster '49, '51 to head the city's ailing
transit authority. Schuster retired as attorney for
the Burlington Northern Railroad.
Harold E. Scales '49, a past president of the Wis-
consin Alumni Association, has been named our
rep to the UW Athletic Board to fill the unex-
pired term of David J. Spengler '60 (see below).
Scales is board chairman of Madison's Anchor
Savings & Loan Association.
O5S R. Dennis Cosgrove '50 retired at the
5         end of September as president of
Madison's Ohio Medical Products Company and
will now do private consulting. He's been with
the firm for thirty years.
Peter Weinberg '58, MD '61, head of the depart-
ment of neuroradiology at Northwestern Memo-
rial Hospital in Chicago, has been honored by
the FDA for his contributions to its "learning
file. "He is credited with contributing most of the
cases in the file dealing with head and neck sec-
tions. He has also completed a specialty section
on the skull.
Charles W. Thomas '59, Summit, N.J., manag-
ing director and chairman of the operating com-
mittee of Blyth Eastman Paine Webber Inc., has
been elected to the board of Paine Webber.
60        David J. Spengler '60, '62, a former
   O0s    vice-president of the Bank of Madi-
son, has joined the staff of the UW Foundation
as a fund-raiser for the athletic department.
Willard A. Murray '65, '66, '71, Alameda, Calif.,
has joined Dames & Moore in San Francisco as a
senior hydrologist. He leaves Lawrence Liver-
more National Laboratory, and before that was a
professor of civil engineering at Lehigh Univer-
Joan Schurch Thomson '64, '65, '69, coordinator
of staff development for Penn State University,
has been named to a two-year assignment as edi-
tor of the Journal of Education. She lives in War-
riors Park, Pa.
David J. Storm '67 has been elected to a partner-
ship with Arthur Andersen & Co. He lives in
Mequon, and has been with the firm's Milwau-
kee office since 1973.
Wells Fargo Realty Advisors, Marina Del Rey,
Calif., named Fredrick W. Petri '69, '70 its EVP
and chief operating officer. Last year he was suc-
cessively named vice-president and head of the
firm's Western and Midwestern regions and,
later, senior vice-president.
7 Os      David L. Thomas '71 leaves Oregon
70s       State University to join the Univer-
sity of Illinois faculty as an assistant professor of
animal science.
Lisbeth Fenton Grossman '74 has been promoted
to assistant vice-president of the United States
Trust Company of New York.
Marine 1st Lt. Peder T. Fugere '76 is now as-
signed to the Marine Corps base at Camp
Pendleton, Calif.
Alexander Scheeline Ph.D.'78, since 1979 an as-
sistant professor at the University of Iowa, has
moved to the University of Illinois, Urbana-
Champaign, as an assistant professor in chemis-
Marine 1st Lt. David J. Lueder '79 graduated
from the Navy's Aviation Indoctrination School
at Pensacola, and is now in flight training at
nearby Whiting Field.
Statement of Ownership,
Management and Circulation
1. Date of filing: September 30,
2. Title of publication: Wisconsin
3. Frequency of issue: Six times
4. Office of publication: Alumni
House, 650 N. Lake Street,
Madison, W1 53706
5. General business office: same
6. Publisher: Wisconsin Alumni
7. Owner: same. Editor: Thomas
H. Murphy
8. Known bondholders, mortgagees
and other security holders: none
9. The purpose, function, and
non-profit status of this organization
and the exempt status for federal
income tax purposes have not
changed during the preceding
twelve months.
10. Circulation. Average number of
copies each issue printed during the
preceding twelve months: 27,630.
Sales through dealers, carriers,
street vendors, stores: none. Mail
subscriptions: 27,319. Total paid
circulation: 27,319. Free distribution
by mail, carrier, or.other, samples,
complimentary and other free
copies: 271. Total distribution:
27,630. Actual number of copies of
single issue published nearest to filing
date: 28,500. Circulation through
dealers and carriers, street vendors,
stores: none. Mail subscriptions:
26,504. Total paid circulation:
26,504. Free distribution: 1,740.
Total circulation: 28,500.

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