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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

With the classes,   pp. 208-212

Page 208

28wisconsin -A lumni XMiazine.
    Charles Noble Gregory, dean of
  the college of law, University of
  Iowa, has an article, '-Jurisdic-
  tion over Foreign Ships in Terri-
  torial Waters," printed in the
  Michigan 'Law Review.
    Rev. Win. A. Lyman, who died
  at Pierre, S. D., January 18, 1904,
  was born September 29, 1847. He
* was for two years and more a
  soldier in the Civil war; -gradu-
  ated: from the' University of Wis-
  consin in 1874. He attended the
  divinity school at Yale, and was
  ordained in 1876. He was married
  to Henrietta Crane.   Five chil-
  dren were born, only one of whom
  is still living, Mr. Rollo Lyman,
  now a member of Harvard uni-
  versity faculty.
    Mr. Lyman's pastorates have
  been in Windsor, Wis., Sleepy
  Eye, Minn., Spring Valley, Minn.,
  Vermilion, S. Dak., Chicago, Ill.,
  Pierre, S. Dak.   He has every-
  where been a man admired and
  beloved; strong, broad and spirit-
  ual in his thinking; sympathetic,
  faithful and inspirational as a
  pastor; noble and true and Chris-
  tian as a man. For more than
  nine years he had been pastor in
  Pierre. During the yast year his
  health gradually failed. At his
  funeral, governor and judges of
  the supreme court were in the au-
  dience which filled the building.
Supt. Thrall was in charge of the-
services, and preached from   the-
text chosen by Mr. Lyman him-
self: Acts 20: 27. -Interment oc-
curred at Vermilion, where he-
was pastor for seven years.
   At the memorial service held.
 for the students of the University
 of Chicago who died in the Iro--
 quois  theater fire, appropriate
 tribute was paid to the memory-
 of Rev. Henry L. Richardson,
 U. W. '80, who was one of the-
 victims of that disaster.   The-
 memorial service was held in
 Leon Mandel Hall on January 8,
 1904; the burning of the Iroquois-
 theater occurred  December   30,
 1903.   Thomas   5ames    Riley,.
 speaking of Mr. Richardson, said:
   "Rev. Henry L. Richardson had
lived through fifty years.   His-
boyhood was spent in Berlin, Wis.
He was graduated from the Uni--
versity of Wisconsin and fronm
Yale Divinity School. He had
also studied in the divinity and
graduate schools of the Univer-
sity  of Chicago   almost three-
years, and had been admitted to
candidacy for the degree of doc-
tor of philosophy in the depart-
ment of sociology. In his studies-
he had gone abroad twice, travel-
ing  through   England, France,
Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
  "Mr. Richardson was a minister
in  the  Congregational church.

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