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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

New law gives building a big boost. Record UW budget approved,   pp. 8-9

Page 8

$41 Million Program in View
T HE STAGE is set for the most con-
    centrated building program in the
University of Wisconsin's history.
   Largely as a result of a 1957 Legisla-
tive action, more than forty-one million
dollars of new construction will be in
various stages of progress during this
1957-59 biennium.
  Basic to this great impetus was the
passage of a Legislative measure which
in effect permits amortization of build-
ing loans from a part of student fee
  Governor Vernon S. Thomson, chair-
man of the state building commission,
has called the new law an "historic step
toward providing needed buildings for
the University and state colleges."
   Yet, in spite of the sunniness of the
total building picture, some hazy clouds
do appear on the horizon. The problem
is this: where will the money be bor-
rowed? The money market, even for
tax-free bonds, has been tight, and cash
a scarce commodity.
  University Vice-President of Business
and Finance A. W. Peterson figures that
about $25 million will have to be bor-
rowed from non-government sources. To
develop new approaches to this prob-
lem, which is a new one to the Univer-
sity, long stymied by a constitutional in-
junction against going into debt, Peter-
son has been relieved of day-to-day busi-
ness administration. This is now in the
hands of Neil J. Cafferty, who recently
was named business manager.
  Here are the "fee-financed" buildings
for which the State Building Commis-
sion has authorized plan completion:
Law Sociology ----------$2,205,000
Heating Station ---------- 3,300,000
UW-Milwaukee Science ___ 2,095,750
UW-Milwaukee Heating - -      351,000
Extension Building -------1,604,000
  The old Law building (not the Law
Library wing) will be torn down to
D   URING    1957-58, the University's
operating budget totals $44,374.802.
  Provided are salary increases for
all employes, promotions for 166
faculty members, and 46 new faculty
  The Regents approved this, the
largest annual budget in the University's
history, in July. It was $5,431,765
higher than last year's annual budget.
  More than half ($23,676,240) of the
budgeted income is expected to come
from sources other than state taxes.
  Also approved was a $5,430,077 bud-
get for University Hospitals, bringing
the grand total for all University opera-
tions-teaching, research, public service,
faculty and student housing, athletics,
the Memorial Union, Hospitals, and
other activities-to $49,804,879.
  The total of $1,764,717 in faculty
salary increases budgeted will give every
faculty member an increase for the first
time since 1951 when the last "across-
the-board" increase was voted as a cost-
of-living adjustment.
  A six per cent "across-the-board" in-
crease for all faculty members from in-
structor through professor was granted,
and the budget also provides a flat in-
crease for graduate assistants and
  In addition, some of the merit in-
crease funds were used to bring salaries
of the entire University system more
closely into line with each other. A total
of $80,000, for example, went to help
remedy the salary situation at the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This
involved extra salary increases for in-
structors and assistant professors at the
former Extension Division, and extra
salary increases for associate professors
and professors at the former State
  Merit increases were granted to 60 per
cent of the faculty members throughout
the University. The 10 faculty members
who received the
highest merit increases
  Prof. R. H. Bing, mathematics,
$2,460; Provost J. Martin Klotsche,
UW-Milwaukee, $2,160; Prof. William
S. Johnson, chemistry, $2,070; Prof.
Robert B. Bird, chemical engineering,
$1,980; Prof. Joshua Lederberg, genet-
ics, $1,900; Prof. Fred H. Harrington,
history, $1,870; Prof. James S. Watrous,
art history, $1,750; Dean Erwin A.
Gaumnitz, commerce, $1,740; Dean
Kurt F. Wendt, engineering, $1,660;
and Director Lorentz H. Adolfson, Ex-
tension, $1,560.
  Under the new budget, top faculty
salaries will go to:
  Pres. E. B. Fred, $26,000; Dean
Conrad Elvehjem, Graduate School,
$19,000; Prof. Rudolph E. Langer,
mathematics, $18,550; Vice Pres. Ira L.
  Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957

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