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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

Gifts, grants welcomed,   pp. 34-35

Page 34

  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. MANN     (Miriom
SCHLIMOVITZ '57) are living in Kew
Gardens, N.Y.; he is associated with the
law firm of Davis Polk Wardwell Sunder-
land & Kiendl.
  Richard CHIRA is a third year law student
at New York University which he is attend-
ing on a John Ben Snow scholarship.
  Patricia LANGSFORD of Hurley has re-
signed as caseworker in the Iron County
Public Welfare Department.
  Ellington M. MAGEE Ph.D. '56 is the
author of "The Deuterium Isotope Effect on
the Rate of Reaction of Hydrogen and Iodine"
in the Journal of the American Chemical So-
ciety. It is based on research at Humble Oil &
Refining Co. at Baytown, Tex., where he is
a research chemist.
  GeneĆ½ ROUBAL has accepted a position
in the products development division of
  John 0. SCHINDLER is a life under-
writer with Harvey E. LEISER '36, general
agent for the Equitable Life of Iowa, in
southeastern Wisconsin. He and his wife
Mary Jane WHALE '58, have a daughter,
Laura Lynne, born Dec. 31.
  Army PFC Edward G. ZIVOT recently
completed a 40-hour leadership course con-
ducted by the Western Area Command in
  Everett H. ASPENSON has completed his
Army service and will open a law office in
  Charles E. GILPIN has joined the Bettis
Plant, atomic power research laboratory which
Westinghouse operates in Pittsburgh for the
Atomic Energy Commission.
  Navy Ens. Jerry W. Grout has made his
first solo flight at Pensacola, Fla.
  Army 2d Lt. Donald V. HALLOCK was
graduated from the Infantry School's basic
officers course at Fort Benning, Ga.
  Army 2d Lt. David E. BAEB was also
recently graduated at Benning.
  Pvt. Dean P. HANSEN was graduated
from the Ordnance School's armament course
at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.,
  2nd Lt. Geoffrey E. BLUME has been at
Ft. Belvoir, Va., for basic Army engineers
officers training.
  Rollyn KAUTH is junior and senior Eng-
lish teacher in the Kewaunee public school
  Richard   Glen  WIGGLESWORTH         is
squadron adjutant and base security officer of
the 48th A.P. Squadron, U.S.A.F.
  Ens. Thomas LILLIE took leave of the
American Brass Co. in Kenosha to go on
active duty with the U.S. Navy and has been
on the USS Cogswell, DD 651, in the Pacific.
  Robert NAUJOKS writes he is "now lo-
cated in Alliance (Ohio) and employed by
radio station WFAH." He lives at 186 Mil-
ton street there.
  Diane WITHROW is a stewardess for
American Airlines and has been based in
  Arol G. SHERWIN has been appointed a
welding assistant in Allis-Chalmers plant
engineer department, Milwaukee.
  Bernice MATEICKA writes she is enjoy-
ing her dietetic internship at Grace-New
Haven Community Hospital in New Haven.
Conn. Director of dietetics there is Dr. Doris
  CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, Mad-
ison, $3,250; CUNA Mutual Insurance So-
ciety, Credit Union Nat'l. Assn., Inc., CUNA
Supply Coop., and Office Employee's Inter-
national Union, Local 39, Madison, $300;
Wisconsin Association of Insurance Agents,
Milwaukee, $250; Manawa (Wis.) Com-
munity Chest, $200; American Jewish Ter-
centenary Comm. of Wis. and the Milwau-
kee Chapter (UWF) $5,040; Mr. & Mrs.
Christian C. Yegen, Teaneck, N. J., 16
shares of General Motors Corp. common
stock valued at $664; Aring Equipment Co.,
Inc., Milwaukee, $500; China Medical Bd.,
Inc., New York, $100; Trustees of the Dr.
Martha L. Edwards Memorial Scholarship
Fund, $350; Wisconsin Student Assn., $2,-
584; Dr. R. P. Welbourne, Watertown, $25;
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation, $200;
Milwaukee Bar Assn. Foundation, $100;
Dane County Pharmaceutical Society, Inc.,
Madison, $100; Cherry Biba Bradley Fund,
$166; Anonymous, $1,400; Wis. Public Serv-
ice Corp., Milwaukee, $2,880; Faculty of
School of Home Economics, $87.47; Delta
Gamma Sorority Assn., $500; General Elec-
tric Educational and Charitable Fund, $1,000;
Wis. Society of Certified Public Accountants,
Milwaukee, $250; Mrs. Lorelle A. Wolf,
Madison, $15; Bank of Spooner, $200; Por-
tage County Bankers Assn., $400; Clark-
Taylor Bankers Assn., $1,200; Dodge County
Bankers Assn., $300; First National Bank of
Neenah, $200; Norman Bassett, Demco
Library Supplies, Madison, $500; Oscar
Mayer &    Co., Madison, $300; Madison
Chamber of Commerce, Inc., $150; First
American State Bank, Wausau, $200; Cit-
izens National Bank, Marshfield, $200; Belle
City Malleable Iron Co., Racine, a 50,000
lb. Tinius Olsen automatic beam-type tensile
testing machine valued at $1,000; National
Merit Scholarship Corp., Evanston, Ill., on
behalf of Consolidated Water Power & Paper
Co., The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Foundation
and National Distillers Products Corp., $600;
National Merit Scholarship Corp., Evanston,
Ill., $1,600; Owens-Illinois  Glass  Co.,
Toledo, Ohio, $1,000; Bank of Sturgeon Bay,
$200; National Food Co., Fond du Lac,
$300; Sheboygan   County  Bankers Assn.,
$200; Institute of International Education,
New York, $6,080; Borden Co. Foundation,
Inc., New York, $1,500; United Organ Co.,
Milwaukee, $100; UW Foundation, Madison,
$2,500; L. J. Nelson, Jr., and Frances S.
Nelson, Glenview, Ill., $25; Mrs. Dorothy
Aderman, Dania, Fla., $5; General Casualty
Co. of Wis., Madison, $250; Nekoosa-Ed-
wards Foundation, Inc., Port Edwards, $800;
Alcoa Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pa., $125;
trustees of the UW Trust, Estate of Thomas
E. Brittingham, $2,000; International Nickel
Co., Inc., New York, $1,000; Wisconsin
Alumni Club of the San Fernando Valley,
Calif., $100; Oaklawn   Foundation, New
York, $2,800; Allen M. Slichter, Milwaukee,
$517.61; Donald C. Slichter, Milwaukee,
$517.62; Dr. Samuel G. Perlson, Madison,
$15; Class of 1907, Golden Jubilee Fund
(UWF) $250; Lindig Manufacturing Co.,
St. Paul, Minn., and the Hans Rosacker Co.,
Minneapolis, an electric interval timer and
time switch valued at $100; Corn Products
Refining Co., New York, $450; C. W. Coates,
Coney Island, N.Y., $10; Mautz Paint Foun-
dation, Madison, $250; Farmers Mutual
Automobile Insurance Co., Madison, $500;
Standard Oil Co. of Calif., San Francisco,
$3,750; Student members of Sigma Delta
Pi, $21.
  The Florists Telegraph Delivery Assn.,
Unit G, Region 7, $200; Faculty of the
Chemistry Dept., $29.84; Wis. Wire Works,
Appleton, $500; Friends of the late Lila B.
Fletcher, $30; R & C Cooperative Loan Fund,
$558.95; Staff of the Soils Dept., College
of Agriculture, $11; Alumni and friends of
the School of Commerce, $360; Lakeside Lab-
oratories, Inc., Milwaukee, $450; Women's
Auxiliary Wis. Pharmaceutical Assn., Nee-
nah, $100; Mrs. Richard W. Zimmerman,
Belleville, $300; Arno H. Fromm, M.D.,
Madison, $6,000; Nettie E. Karcher and Gil-
bert Karcher, Burlington, $100; Mr. Paul
Ecke, Jr., Encinitas, Calif., $100; Dane Co.
Bankers Assn., $400; Friends of the late
Fred Lundv, Madison, $35; Wis. Assn. of
School Administrators, Wisconsin Rapids,
$500; American Foundation for Pharmaceu-
tical Education, Washington, D. C., $400;
Nat'l. Guardian Life Ins. Co., Madison,
$250; UW' Symphony Orchestra (UWF)
$315; The Green Tree Garden Club, Mil-
waukee, $500; Mr. Charles N. Clark, South
Euclid, Ohio, $30; Bates and Rogers Foun-
dation, Chicago, $2,600; Family, relatives
and friends of the late Ray V. Barnes, $100;
The Women's Auxiliary of the Wisconsin-
Upper Michigan Florists Assn., $100; Amer-
ican Federation for Clinical Research, $300;
Allen M. Slichter, Milwaukee, $240.69; Don-
ald C. Slichter, Milwaukee, $240.69; Family,
relatives and friends of the late Elizabeth
Fitch Cartter, $300; Alfred P. Sloan Founda-
tion, Inc., New York City, $7,000; Mrs.
F. V. Powell, Madison; Mrs. Robert L.
Peters, Delaware, Ohio; Mr. Frank F. Powell,
Jr., Fresno, Calif., $1,200; William  T.
Evjue, Madison, $2,700; Madison News-
papers, Inc., The Capital Times Co., Badger
Broadcasting Co., $4,000; Family friends and
neighbors of the late Zillah Bagley Evjue,
$1,300; Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Inbusch,
Milwaukee, securities estimated at $1,815.
  Indian Trails, Inc. (UWF), Wisconsin
Rapids, $50; American Cancer Society, Inc.,
New York City, $3,900; Ford Foundation,
New York City, $14,350; Forst & Goan, Inc.,
Milwaukee, $10; Anonymous, $100; H. B.
Fuller Co., Chicago, $25; George V. Roun-
tree & Co., Chicago, $50; Imperial Litho-
graphing Co., Milwaukee, $100; The Malt Re-
search Institute, Madison, $11,667; Abbott
Laboratories, North Chicago, $2,500; Morris
Paper Mills Div. of Federal Paper Board
Co., Inc., Chicago, $25; Gisholt John A.
Johnson Foundation, Madison, $1,000; Govt.
of India, Ministry of Education, New Delhi,
(through Ford Foundation, New York City)
$24,500; Nutrition Foundation, Inc., New
York City, $3,500; Wis. Heart Assn., Mil-
waukee $11,002;, National Science Founda-
tion, Washington, D. C., $94,900; National
Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md., $27,294;
The Ford   Foundation, New    York City,
   Wisconsin Alumnus, Marcb, 1958

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