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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

Necrology,   pp. 36-37

Page 36

  Serving as inspection foreman for an in-
dustrial corporation in Indianapolis is Thomas
1928 ......         .........         W
  William ASPINWALL, athletic business
manager of the University of Wisconsin, has
been named second vice-president of the
College Athletic Business Managers Assn.
  The Harold De Witt Smith Memorial
Medal, for outstanding achievement in re-
search on fibers and their utilization, was
given to Dr. John H. DILLON, the director
of the Textile Research Institute, Princeton,
N. J.
  Dr. Elizabeth GILMORE Holt heads the
Status of Women program at the American
Association of University Women Headquar-
ters in Washington, D. C.
  The author of "The Wayland Story," a
history of Wayland Academy at Beaver Dam,
is Alton E. WICHMAN. The publication of
the book coincides with the celebration of
the 100th year of the academy's founding.
1929 ......         ..........        W
  "How to Live 365 Days a Year," a book
by Dr. John A. SCHINDLER, Monroe
physician, is being translated into French,
Italian, and German, his publishers have
  Dr. C. Lee EGGERT, now on the faculty
of the University  of Florida, has been
named a member of the Florida Board of
the National Conference of Christians and
   The city engineering department of Osh-
kosh has announced the appointment of Ivar
Van AKKEREN, Beaver Dam, to the city's
engineering staff.
  Theodore F. MELTZER is now in New
York City working with the United States
Information Agency.
  The Du Pont Company has announced the
appointment of Dr. Edward N. KRAMER as
assistant manager of the technical section of
the company's pigments department.
1930 ......         .........        W
  One of the new directors of The First
National Bank   of Neenah   is John   B.
CATLIN, assistant vice president of Kim-
berly-Clark Corporation.
  A   former Madison attorney, Eldon J.
CASSODAY, has been assigned to duty at
the U. S. Embassy at Mexico City.
  In order to devote more time to establish
legal aid societies in Wisconsin counties,
Walter A. GRAUNKE has decided to quit
the field of labor union law, which he has
been in for the last 28 years.
  Harold E. (Bud) FOSTER       has been
elected president of the National Association
of Basketball Coaches.
  Marvin T. SAMPSON is now in sales
work in E. De Pere.
  Charles H. GILL, Oshkosh, is superintend-
ent of construction for the state of Wis-
  Thomas A. McGREGOR is the pastor of
the 1st Presbyterian Church in Gloucester
City, N. J.
1931 ...........          ....   . ..w
  Associate director of agricultural extension
at the U.W. Henry L. AHLGREN has been
appointed a member of the board of trustees
of the National 4-H Club Foundation.
  The Beal Award, the highest award in
gas engineering, given by the American Gas
Association was presented to George DOR-
MER   at the association's convention in
Atlantic City, N. J.
  William FERRIS has been promoted to
assistant to the electrical engineer of the
Wisconsin Power and Light Co.
  When the Seventh Annual Scientific Con-
ference of the American Chemical Society's
North Jersey Section met in January, Dr.
Karl A. FOLKERS served as chairman of
the all day conference.
1932 .......        .........         W
  A one-time editor of the Daily Cardinal,
Samuel STEINM4AN, is editor of a new
magazine, This Month, published for Euro-
pean and Middle East airlines in Rome.
  A newly created position of manager of
tubing operations of the Babcock and Wilcox
Company in Beaver Falls, Pa., has been filled
by Sidley 0. EVANS.
  Chicago's new sheriff is Joseph D. LOH-
MAN, once a professor of sociology.
  Dean K. VAN DOREN has announced his
candidacy for the position of city clerk of
  After a nine year absence, during which
time he was executive secretary of the divi-
sion of student service of the National
Lutheran council and president of Carthage
(Ill.) college, the Rev. Morris WEE is
returning as pastor of Bethel Lutheran church
in Madison.
  Fred 0. ELWELL, '88.
  Charles A. ORTH, '93, Milwaukee lawyer.
  Prof. Arthur SEYMOUR, '94, language
instructor at Florida State College.
  Mary McVICAR, '95, Waukesha.
  Fred BLUMER, '96, Monroe.
  Roy D. HALL, '00, Westinghouse scien-
tist, Anna Maria, Florida.
  Guy M. WILCOX, '02, Park Forest, Ill.
  Max Werner KING, '05, Texas engineer.
  Garrison C. DEAN, '03, Deadwood, S. D.
  Chase W. KELLEY, '05.
  H. M. BACON, '06, Oshkosh lumberman.
  Mathew H. CARPENTER, '06, Milwau-
  Adela RANKIN, '08.
  Oscar H. NELSON, '08, Annandale, Va.
  Edward Tuthil, '08, Salina, Kansas.
  Paul V. HODGES, '09, Denver engineer.
  Glen   L. JOHNSON, '09, Bakersfield,
  Cortney D. FREEMAN, '10, Hinsdale,
  William" VAN LOON, '10, chairman of
the La Crosse County Board.
  Herbert J. NEWMAN ,'10.
  John WIGREN, Jr., '11, Los Angeles,
  William N. PRESTON, '12, Monroe, Wis.
  Mrs. Richard Rosencranz (Margaret
  EBERLE), '13, Evansville, Ind.
  Mabel SEARCH, '14, well-known maga-
zine editor and only woman managing editor
in Milwaukee newspaper history, in New
  Martin W. SORBEL, '14.
  Ashley 0. GUNDERSON, '14, Blanchard-
ville farmer.
  Walter W. HEITZ, '14, Ft. Atkinson.
  Arnon W. WELCH, '15, New York.
  Mrs. Edwin C. Thompson (Tahlulah
CLONTS), '33, historian, National Federa-
tion of Music Clubs, Ft. Worth.
  Howard A. WOLF, '34, Marshall, Texas
powder company manager.
  Mrs. Clayton Rounds (Muriel BLACK)
'34, Dayton, 0.
  Bernard U. ZIESMER, Jr., '42, Manitowoc.
  Frank G. MORLEY, '42, Du Pont explo-
sives division engineer, Pitman.
  Gerald 0. ANDERSON, '49, Madison
real estate man.
  Jack K. KURTZ, '50, Veteran's Hospital,
Wood, Wisconsin.
  Mrs. Lester Behnke (Glayds C. GAUER)
'50, Western Springs, Ill.
  Bruce MURRAY, '54, Minneapolis.
  Dr. C. E. ZELLMER, '17, Antigo phy-
  Mrs. Norman T. Meineke (Margaret E.
RAY) '17.
  Emanuel HAHN, '17, Winnetka, Ill.
  Mrs. Russell A. Teckemeyer (Rena HED-
DLES), '19, Madison.
  Katherine BURKE, '20, Norwich, Conn.
  Earl D. BADER, '22, Worthington, Ohio.
  Mrs. Helen E. BARSENTEE Bonus, '22,
Oak Park, Ill.
  Dr. Harold John KERSTEN, '23, profes-
sor of biophysics at Cincinnati U.
  Mrs. Clarence M. Simonson (Lucile A.
ULE) '24.
  Mr. R. R. YOUNG, '24, Racine, Wis.
  Dr. Allen P. COLBURN, '26, Delaware
U. provost and chemist, Baltimore.
  Dr. Louis N. REIS, '32, Madison physi-
  Myron R. GODELL, '34, Wisconsin agri-
culture department marketing specialist, in
  Mrs. June McCAY Fishel, '35, at Fresno,
  Konrad KUECHERER, '35, of Milwaukee.
  Sister Mary EUNICE JOY, '37, former di-
rector of the Institute Pius XII at Florence,
Italy, in Dubuque, Iowa.
  Tse-Chin FONG, '39, lost in ship disaster
near Formosa several years ago.
  Vera FLEMING, '39, former Lake Mills
school teacher, in an Indiana traffic accident.
  Dorothy C. WANEK, '40, at Kewaunee,
  William   Harvey  BOWMAN, '43, at
Bloomington, Ill.
  Mary Ann VIRNIG, '43, former teacher in
Wisconsin high schools, in Madison.
  Robert Lee CHARN, '45, in Beloit.
  Mrs. Patricia HOGG Larson, '45, Park
River, N. Dak.
  James 0. EMMITT, '47, Stony Ridge,
Ohio, in an accident.
  Bernadine WITTENBERG, '49, Minne-
sota U. lab technician, in Madison.
  Sgt. Douglas PETERSON, '52, in Fursten-
seldbruck, Germany.
               WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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