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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

Faculty,   p. 11

Page 11

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  Physical chemistry   Prof. John   W.
W/illiams, an international authority on
the chemistry of colloids, has received
the $1,000 Kendall Company Award in
Colloid Chemistry. Dr. Williams has
made   important contributions  in  the
fields of protein chemistry and blood
plasma substitutes and he established at
the UW the first ultracentrifuge labora-
tory in this country devoted to research
in the physical chemistry of proteins.
  Prof. Robert Crane, music, has had
two compositions, "Choralprelude" and
"Cradle Song" for chorus, accepted for
publication by Carl Fischer and Theodore
Presser, respectively.
  A testimonial dinner honoring retiring
Commerce school Dean Fayette Elwell
will be held in Madison on April 25.
  A fund to set up visiting professor-
ships in British Commonwealth history
has been established at the University in
honor of Prof. Paul K. Knaplund, with
funds from Thomas Brittingham, the
UW Knapp committee and the Carnegie
  A scholarship in honor of Scott H.
Goodnight, who served as dean of men
at the UW for nearly 30 years, has been
established by Phi Eta Sigma.
  Ernst Friedlander, noted violoncellist
with the Pro Arte Quartet will fly to
Australia and New Zealand in June for
a three months tour, accompanied by his
gifted pianist-wife, Marie. They begin
their concerts in Sydney.
  Another UW    musician, Prof. Gunnar
Johansen, pianist, flew to Bermuda in
March to play two concerts under the
auspices at the Bermuda Musical and
Dramatic Society. It was a return engage-
ment for Prof. Johansen.
  Prof. Lila B. Fletcher, superintendent
of nurses at the University hospitals and
school of nursing faculty member.
Bill Prohibits Filling
  The Governor has signed a bill pro-
hibiting the University from filling in the
shoreline of Lake Mendota for parking
purposes, repealing a 1953 law.
APRIL, 1955
Principals in the presentation of a $75,000 gift to establish a Chair of
Hebrew Studies at
the University included Pres. Fred; Regent Pres. A. Matt. Werner; Oscar A.
Rozoff, vice-
chairman of the American Jewish Committee of Milwaukee; Rabbi Joseph L. Baron,
of the University project of that committee; Norman S. Abrahams, chairman
of the Jewish
Tercentenary Committee of Wisconsin, and Regent Oscar Rennebohm, who accepted
the gift
for the University of Wisconsin Foundation as its president, then transferred
it to the Uni-
versity. (Duane Hopp photo)
    Hebrew Chair Established
A   CHAIR in Hebrew       Studies, with
     primary emphasis on the teaching
of Hebrew language and literature, will
be set up at the University, financed for
five years by a gift of S75,000.
  The gift was presented to the Board
of Regents in March by Rabbi Joseph L.
Baron, Milwaukee, for the American
Jewish Tercentenary Committee of Wis-
consin and the Milwaukee chapter of the
American Jewish Committee, which col-
lected the funds throughout Wisconsin
to inaugurate the new professorship at
the University.
  The gift highlights the celebration in
Wisconsin of the 300th anniversary of
the first Jews in the United States. Regent
Pres. A. Matt. Werner, in accepting the
gift for the University, said "it is elo-
quent both of public spirit and of the
abiding devotion of the Jewish people
to the cause of learning."
  The new chair will give the study of
Hebrew language and literature a status
comparable with that of other modern
languages in the Wisconsin curriculum,
Prof. Rudolph Langer, chairman of the
UW Humanities Division, explains.
   A general outline indicates that there
will be    instruction in  the  Hebrew
language from the elementary stage to a
stage 'sufficiently adxanced to make pos-
sible a study of the culture revealed in
this language without depending upon
recourse to translations."
   The Humanities Division is engaged
in a search for a distinguished or prom-
ising scholar in Hebrew language and
literature to hold the professorship.
   The gift xwas presented to the Univer-
sity through the University of Wiscon-
sin  Foundation, the   organization  of
alumni and friends of the University
which seeks funds for professorships,
fellowships, scholarships, and for special
projects including the proposed Wiscon-
sin Center for Adult Education.
Regents Accept
Gifts. Grants
  TYhe total of gifts accepted in March by
the Regents wvas $48,795. and     grants
amounted to S89,874, raising the over-all
total since  July  1,  1954,  to  $1,865,392.60.
Gifts included S16,420 for the Benjamin
Smith Reynolds Memorial Fund. to be used
to finance an annual  11100 o award to a

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