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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

Wisconsin Alumni Association officers and directors,   pp. 6-7

Page 6

President: GORDON Fox, '08, 109 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago 2, Ill.
First Vice-President: GORDON R. WALKER, '26, Walker Forge, Inc..
    2000 17th St., Racine.
Second Vice-President: LAwRENcE J. FITZPATRICK, '38, J. J. Fitzpatrick
    Lumber Co., 3230 University Ave., Madison 5.
Treasurer: RUSSELL A. TECKEMEYER, '18, 1 S. Pinckney St., Madison 3
Secretary: MRs. JOHN A. SCHINDLER, '28, 532 22nd Ave., Monroe
Executive Director: JOHN BERGE, '22, Memorial Union, Madison
                  DIRECTORS AT LARGE
HARRY W. ADAMS, '00, Public Service Bldg., Beloit; HARRMS G. AL-
LEN, '23, 514 Madison, Milton Junction; DON ANDERSON, '25, Wis
St. Journal, Madison 3; DR. NORMAN 0. BECKER, '40, 104 S. Maiti
Fond du Lac; MARTIN BELOW, '24, Electro-Matic Engr. Co.; 10 W.
Kenzie, Chicago; MRS. WALTER S. CRAIG, '20, 117 S. Division,
Janesville; JOHN L. DAVIS, '43, Hughes, Anderson & Davis, 1228 Towei
Ave., Superior; DEAN CONRAD A. ELVEHJEM, '23, Bascom Hall, UVW.
Madison 6; MRS. WALTER L. HAIGHT, '07, 1629 Wisconsin Ave., Racine,
MRs. Lucy ROGERS HAWKINS, '18, 1008 Main, Evanston, Ill.; CHRISTO-
PHER HENDRA, '23, Molie. Investment Co., 2304 Huntington Dr., San
Marino, Calif.; MRs. ROBERT D. JOHNS, '41, 1514 King, La Crosse;
DR. MERsITT L. JONES, '12, 51012 3d St., Wausau; DR. JOHN A.
KEENAN, '30, Standard Packaging Corp., 551 Fifth Ave., New
York City; WALTER H. KEYES, '45, 123 N. 3d, Sturgeon Bay; LLOYD
LARSON, '27, The Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, KATHERINE Mc-
C,&vL, '25, Tomah; SAM   OGLE, '20, Schusters, Inc., Milwaukee;
Jmms D. PETERON, '18, 135 S. La Salle, Chicago; GEORGE S. ROB-
3nIS, '40, Chamber of Commerce, Marinette; MRS. SILAS SPENGLER.
'19, 342 Park, Menasha; GuY M. SUNDT, '22, Camp Randall Stadium.
Madison 6; HOWARD W. WEISS, '39. 942 N. Jackson. Milwaukee.
                    PAST PRESIDENTS
CHARLES B. hoGzrs, '93, 95 N. Main, Fort Atknson; Jo)0  S. LoR,
04, 135 S. La Salle, Chicago 3; GEORGE 1. HA1Gsr, '99, 209 S. La
Salle, Chicago 4; CHARLES L. BYRON, '08, 38 S. Dearborn, Chicago 3;
EARL 0. VITS, '14, 635 N. 7th, Manitowoc; HARRY A. BULLIS, '17,
Chairman of the Board, General Mills, Inc., 400 2nd Ave. S., Min-
aeapohs; HOWARD I. POTTER, '16, Marsh & McLennan, 231 S. La
Salle, Chicago; HOWARD T. GREENE, '15, Brook Hill Farm, Genesee
Depot; ALBERT J. GOEDJEN, '07, 350 Bryan St., R. No. 6, Green Bay;
CLAYTON F. VAN PELT, '18, Fred Rueping Leather Co., Fond du Lac;
PHILIP 11. FALK, '21, Supt. of Schools, 351 %\. Wilson, Madison 3;
WILLIAM D. HOARD, JR., '21, W. D. Hoard & Sons Co., Fort Atkin-
ton; JOSEPix A. CUTLER, '09, Johnson Service Co., 507 E. Michigan,
.Mlilwaukee; WALTER A. FRAUTSCHI, '24, Democrat Printing Co., 2211
Fordem Ave., Madison 4; STANLEY C. ALLYN, '13, Pres., National Cash
Register Co., Dayton, Ohio; JOHN H. SABLES, '23, Knox Reeves Advt.
Inc., 600 1st Natl. Soo Line Bldg., Minneapolis; THOMAS E. BRITTING-
aAm, '21, Room 251, Del. Trust Bldg., Wilmington, Del.; WILLARD G.
ASCHENBRENNER, '21, American Bank & Trust Co., Racine; WARREN P.
KNOWLES, '33, Doar & Knowles, New Richmond; R. T. JOHNSTONE,
26. Marsh & McLennan, 1300 Natl. Bank Bldg.. Detroit.
 Lla%,, of 1952: JAMES D. WHIFFEN, 68 Cambridge Rd., Madison 4;
 Class of 1953: Mus. WM. R. SEIrOLD, 325 N. Lake, Madion 5;
 Class of 1954: BARBARA MORLEY, 312 Breeese Terrace, Madison 5.
 Beloit: DONALD L. DoasoN, '39, 542 E. Grand Ave.; Chicago: WM.
 ALLEN NATHENSON, '34, 105 W. Adams; Fond du Lac: KENNETH Mc-
 LEOD, '33 104 S. Main; Janesville: WILLIAM G. LATHROP, JR., '47.
 213 N. Miain; La Crosse: Mls. NORMAN W. SCOTT, '38, 250 West
 Ave. S.; Madison: JOHN S. HOBBINS, 26, 1 N. Pinckney St.; Mil-
 waukee: HARVEY E. LEISER, '37, 110 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1010;
 Minneapolis: RoGER C. TAYLOR, '41, N. W. Mutual Life Ins. Co.;
 New York City: RALPH B. JOHNSON, '17, Smith, Barney & Co., 14
 Wall St.; Northern California: ANTHONY E. O'BRIEN, '29, 400 Mont-
 gomery, San Francisco; Oshkosh: GENE ENGLUND, '42, 320 Oshkosh
 Natl. Bank Bldg.; Racine: ROBERT BUHLER, 47, 1045 College Ave.;
 Shseboygan County: CLAYTON M. BOND, '26, Sheboygan Clinic, She-
 boygan; Southern California: EMIL BRzITRREUTZ, '06, 1404 Wilsom
 Ave., San Marino 9; Washington, D. C.: GEORGE E. WORTHINGTON.
 10. 501 N. Oxford, Arlington 3. Va.
  (Continued from page 3)
a large school is apt to be superior since
only one fine quality radio is required for
the school.
  A recent survey in our building revealed
that approximately seven hundred pupils lis-
ten to the State's WHA school programs in
this school weekly. The programs used most
by our teachers of this school are: Let's
Write, Book Trails, Let's Find Out, Let's
Draw, and News of the Week.
   I trust that our legislature will see fit
 to continue the excellent educational serv-
 ices rendered by the State Broadcasting Serv-
 ice and will also permit the State Radio
 Council a budget sufficiently large to permit
 operation of the low-powered educational
 station WHA-TV.
                Robert L. Gregory, '35
                Roosevelt School
                Racine, Wisconsin
      Putting Y.M.C.A. Right
   Just a note to tell you how much we
 like . . . your March Wisconsin Alumnus,
 the two pages showing fine views, with
 appropriate copy, of the new University
 Y.M.C.A. building.
    However . . . the new building is not
 located at Charter and Johnson Streets, as
 stated, but Brooks and Johnson Streets.
        Robert L. Schumpert
        General Secretary, UW Y.M.C.A.
        Madison, Wisconsin
            In the Record
  In the rush of things I hadn't had an
opportunity to pass along a reprint which I
had made in the Congressional Record of the
recent fine article describing research at the
  Let me say that I was delighted to note
your observations regarding   the  tremen-
dously  important  subject of   graduating
enough American engineers so as to keep in
the competitive race with the Soviet Union.
  This is an issue which I have discussed
a great deal in recent weeks and months.
   With best wishes, I am
                  Alexander Wiley, '07
                  U. S. Senate
                  Washington, D. C.
             Liked Report
   Thank you for the January 15 copy of the
 Alumnus. I have read, with interest, the
 Legislative Committee's report on the Uni-
 versity. I hope the exhaustive study of the
 group will lead to positive action on some
 of the more immediate problems of the Uni-
   Many of these problems have existed with-
 ",t tangible improvement since I first joined
 the campus community in 1948.
                         Patricia Smith
                         Madison, Wis.
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