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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 8 (May 1903)

Faculty notes,   pp. 302-305

Page 302

Wiscon8in Alumni Magazine.
  The elevation of Professor C.
R. Van Hise to the presidency of
the university left a vacancy in
the department of geology, which
the regents filled. by the promo-
tion of Dr. C. K. Leith, at pres-
ent assistant professor of geology,
to a full professorship, and the
election of Dr. N. M. Fenneman,
of the state university of Colo-
rado, at Boulder, also to a full
  Dr. Leith graduated from    the
university in 1897, and received
his doctorate in   geology  from
Wisconsin in 1901. Before having
been granted his doctorate degree,
as a result of a civil service ex-
amination in which he was in
competition with men from sev-
eral of the foremOst universities,
Dr. Leith was appointed -assistant
geologist on   the United States
Geological -Survey, which posi-
tion he holds at the present- time.
Dr. Leith's chief publication is
a monograph on the great Me-
saba iron-bearing district of Min-
nesota. He also has ready for
publication  an  elabgrate papqr
upon Rock Cleavage. Dr. Leith,
although a young man, is recog-
nized as one of the most promis-
ing of the young geologists of the
  Dr. N. M. Fenneman, who was
1elected professor of general and
physiographic   gerlogy  received
his doctorate in geology from thc
University of Chicago in 1901.
His most important publication
is a volume upon the Lakes of
Southeastern   Wisconsin,    pub-
lished by the Wisconsin geologi-
cal survey. Dr. Fenneman has
also done work for the United
States geological survey in Colo-
rado. For several years Dr. Fen-
neman has had charge of geology
in the summer session of the uni-
versity. In his summer session
work he has shown himself to be
a strong and inspiring instructor.
Dr. Fenneman resigns the pro-
fessorship of geology in the State
University of Colorado, at Boul-
der, to take the position at Wis-
  Professor D. Earle Burchell of
Logan, Utah, was elected by the
regents assistant professor in the
school of commerce.     That de-
partment of the university has
grown so rapidly within the last
two years that another professor
was greatly   needed.   Professor
Burchell was appointed assistant
professor of accounting and busi-
ness practice upon   the   recom-
mendation of Dr. Birge. At the
present time he is the director of
the school of commerce of the
agricultural college of Utah, and
in this capacity has made an en-
viable reputation for himself both
as an administrator and as an In-
structor in the subjects which he
will teach here.
  Professor  Burchell has been
granted a leave of absence for
one year in order to better pre-
pare himseif for his new. duties
here, and it is believed that he
will return in the fall of 1904 the
best fitted man In the country for

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