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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

Badgers you should know,   p. 42

Page 42

*L1ca4e4d1     0"c  hcs/c1d AIzcW
   Consulting R a d io Engineer,
   Jansky &    Bailey, National
   P r e s s Building, Washington,
   FEATURED         recently  on  the
 cover of FM and Television (see
 cut) Cyril M. Jansky, Jr., is to-
 day at the age of 53 the only
 surviving member of the trio that
 fathered the University of Wisconsin's
 state station WHA. As a pioneer of
 both AM and FM broadcasting and an
 advocate for "free" radio (untram-
 melled by government restrictions) he
 has achieved national prominence and
 personally supervised the establish-
 ment of dozens of radio stations from
 coast to coast.
 Born in Michigan in June, 1895, he
 is the son of C. M. Jansky, Sr. who
 served for many years as professor of
 electrical engineering at the UW and
 retired in 1940. In 1919, young Cyril
 married Marguerite S a m m i s, '19,
 daughter of Prof. J. L. Sammis of the
 UW Department of Agriculture. They
 now have two children, Curtis and
 Helen Marguerite.
 Jansky entered the University of
 Wisconsin in the fall of 1913, received
 his BA in physics in 1917 and his
 Master's Degree in 1919. Both his
 graduate and undergraduate research
 work had to do with design, construc-
 tion, and use of power vaccum tubes,
 scientific devices which at that time
 were poorly developed and unattainable
 on the open market. During the years
 he was at the University he was inti-
 mately concerned with the establish-
 ment of the University's first broadcast
 station and in the conduct of early
 radiotelephone experimental w o r k.
 After leaving the University, he held
 a commission as Captain in the United
 States Signal Corps from 1922 to 1937.
 In May, 1917, Jansky went to the
 Western Electric Company (now the
 Bell Telephone Laboratories) in New
 York City to work on war-time re-
 search problems in submarine detection
 and in radiotelephony. Later he re-
 turned to the UW physics department
 to continue work on these same two
 With the late Prof. Earl M. Terry
of the UW physics department, Jansky
undertook the development and con-
struction of vacuum tubes, many of
which were later used in the Univer-
sity's pioneer work in broadcasting. He
worked with Professor Terry in the
establishment of the experimental radio
station in 1916 and in the establish-
ment and operation of the radiotele-
phone station which used vacuum tubes
that he and Professor Terry had built.
It was the combined activity of Pro-
fessor Terry, Mr. Jansky, and the late
Commander Malcolm P. Manson, who
served as chief operator, which was
responsible for the University's pioneer
work. Mr. Jansky is the only surviving
member of this group of three.
  In 1920 Mr. Jansky joined the staff
of the department of electrical engi-
COVER BOY for the national publication
of the FM Company in Great Barrington,
Mass., New York, Chicago, and Pasadena
is an old-time Badger who has made a
name for himself as a radio pioneer.
neering of the University of Minnesota,
taking charge-of the University's in-
struction and research in radio com-
munication. He established Minnesota's
experimental radio station, the first to
be set up west of the Mississippi River.
He not only had charge of the station
engineering and operation but of the
arrangement of programs as well. He
remained in charge until 1929 when,
as associate professor, he left the staff
of the University.
  Mr. Jansky had been actively en-
gaged in radio allocation and regulation
activities since 1921. From 1921 to
1926 the US government held four
radiotelephone conferences for the pur-
pose of drafting proposed legislation
and regulations to govern the new and
expanding field of radio broadcasting.
Jansky was one of six non-government
members of these conferences which
drafted the Radio Law of 1927. Be-
tween 1920 and 1929 he spent two sum-
mers at the United States Bureau of
Standards, his time being devoted to
radio communication research. He also
devoted much time to amateur radio
activities. While at the University of
Minnesota he served as a member of
the Board of Directors of the American
Radio Relay League, the national or-
ganization of radio amateurs.
  In 1929 Jansky began practice as a
consulting radio engineer in Washing-
ton, D. C. In 1930 he established the
consulting firm of Jansky & Bailey.
This firm enjoys the distinction of
being the oldest and largest of its kind
in the industry. Many of the standards
which later found their way into regu-
lations and practices grew out of ex-
perimental research and field work
done by this organization.
       (Continued from page 41)
They are now living in Appleton where he
is an engineer for Western Condensing Co.
She was formerly librarian at the Mani-
towoc Public Library.
1937 .......      ...........        W
  Received in the Alumni Office: "Station
BABY is happy to announce a new pro-
gram entitled "Wetcryeat", heard 24 hours
every day. This sustaining program began
April 5, 1948 at 4:10 p.m. Production-
Helen Mary (WHIPPLE) Carlson, Promo-
tion-Laurie E. CARLSON, ('43), Sound
Effects-Laurene Elizabeth Carlson . . .
James E. DOYLE, assistant US attorney
in Madison, will soon join the law firm of
La Follette and Sinykin. The change will
take effect June 15. Doyle's name will be
added to the firm name. He was formerly
assistant to Secretary of State James
Byrnes and US Supreme Court Justice Fred
M. Vinson . . . Mr. and Mrs. Howard
HILGENDORF (Eleanor OLSON, '38) of
Milwaukee announce the birth of a son,
Mark Steven, last March 2. They have two
other sons, aged 6 and 3. Mr. Hilgendorf
is assistant US attorney of the Eastern
District of Wisconsin ... Marion S. JONES
and David C. Bundy were married last
March 18 in Watertown, where they are
now living . . . Dr. Leonard L. LOVSHIN
reports a  new  address: 19620 Lomond
Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio. He is con-
nected with the Cleveland Clinic . . . Prof.
B. M. STEWART of the Michigan State
College mathematics department was re-
cently elected chairman of the Michigan
section of the Mathematical Association of
1938 .........       .......... W
. Mary Frances BARRY and Richard Yar-
ington were married last April 3 in Seattle,
where they are now living . . . Mel BAR-
TELL is the only American singer who has
been invited to appear in opera at London's
famed Covent Garden this season. He is a
graduate of the Rochester School of Music
* . . Mr. and Mrs. Herbert FRITZ have
opened a summer camp for girls 12 to 16
at their Wyoming Valley farm home, Hill-
top. The camp program -includes instruc-
tion by the Fritzs and a staff of six
counsellors . . . William J. GEIB. is on
foreign assignment for the J. I. Case Co.,
has been in Argentina for about 18 months.
He was recently made manager of the
Bahia Blanca branch. His address is Via-
mont 14, Bahia Blanca, Argentina . . .
Clarence E. GORSEGNER was recently ap-
pointed Clark County district attorney in
Wisconsin. During the war he served in
the Pacific with the Civil Service Commis-
sion for Foreign Duty . . . Mrs. Laura
LYNOTT of Madison is spending the sum-
mer visiting  her children: Mrs. -John
Plakias (Ruth LYNOTT) in Paris, France;
Brian Lynott in San Francisco; and Mrs.
William E. Neidner (Margaret LYNOTT)
in Anchorage, Alaska . .. Mrs. E. R. Kelly
(Mary MUSE) is now in Berlin, Germany,
where her husband is stationed. Her ad-
dress: c/o Lt. Col. E. R. Kelly, PMO, Hqs.
BC. OMGUS, APO 742, New York City.
About Germany Mrs. Kelly says: "I'll tnkn
Madison any day I" . . . Margaret OLSON
is now living at "404 Lake St., Ironwood,
1939 .........      .......... W
  Mr. and. Mrs. Percy J. ROSEMURGY
(Jane PELLEGRIN, '41) are living now
at 410 E. Longyear St., Bessemer, Mieh.
   . Mr. and Mrs. Sherburn I. ADASHEK
(Frances KAUFMANN, '41) of Milwaukee
announce the birth of a son, Charles K.
on April 1. Other child is Nancy Kay,. Mr.
Adashek is with the National Trunk Store
in Milwaukee . . . Leonard E. KUST and
Henrietta Bryan Logan were married last
April 17 in New York City, where they are
now living following their wedding trip to
Bermuda. Mr. Kust is with the law firm of
Carvath, Swaine, and Moore . . . Dr. Paul
J. MATEICKA died last April 13 in Mil-
waukee. He was a physician at the Sacred
Heart Sanitarium there . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Edmond C. DOLLARD      of Chicago an-
nounce the -birth of a daughter, Marjorie
Ellen, last March 23. Dr. Dollard is as-
sociated with the Dancer, Fitzgerald, and
Sample advertising agency there . . . Lt.
Eugene Edward WELCH      and Margaret
Elizabeth Stevenson were married last
April 21 in Madison, where they are now
living at 1148 Spaight St. He is on the
staff of the Air ROTC at the University
* . . Mrs. Maxine VOSS and John Beck
were married last March 20 in Milwaukee,

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