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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 9 (June 1947)

Berge, John
Welcome, class of '47,   p. 16

Page 16

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Welcome, Class of '47
Wisconsin Alumni Association family-a great
family made up of thousands of loyal Badgers like
  Your membership card which shows that you are
an Association member is your card, of introduc-
tion to this family, so carry it with you always. If
you lose it, let us know and we'll send you a dupli-
cate card.
  Dedicated to you and your classmates, this June
issue of the Wisconsin Alumnus is your first publi-
cation as a member of the Wisconsin Alumni Asso-
ciation. You will get 10 issues a year to keep you
posted on University activities and developments.
Each issue will also bring you hundreds of inter-
esting news items about your fellow Badgers.
  You will also get two other publications packed
with alumni and University news: the Badger
Quarterly and Stuhldreher's Football Letters. The
Quarterly is a tabloid newspaper published in Sep-
tember, December, March and June. Stuhldreher's
Football Letters are written for the Association by
Coach, Harry Stuhldreher to bring you Badger
football dope direct from the sidelines. More than
a million copies of these Football Letters have been
published by the Wisconsin Alumni Association
since this service was started 11 years ago.
  These three publications will give you the news
you want about your University and your fellow
alumni. They give you a very complete coverage of
all Association and University activities.
Your Address
  All this, of course, assumes that you will keep
your correct address on file in our mailing depart-
ment. Magazines and newspapers are not for-
warded by the postal department, so you won't get
your copies of the Wisconsin Alumnus, the Badger
Quarterly or Stuhldreher's Football Letters unless
we have your correct mailing address.
  This June issue has been sent to the address you
gave us last month. If your address has changed
since then, send us your new address TODAY.
  The Alumni Records Office of the University also
needs your correct address to keep its records up
to date. You'll also miss out on reports and bulle-
tins sent out by the University unless you keep us
posted on your correct mailing address.
Organized Effort
  So much for the benefits you get from your mem-
bership. Now let's look at the obligations and
opportunities that go hand in hand with these
benefits. Membership in any worthwhile organiza-
tion involves obligations that are just as important
as the benefits received.
  Time recently carried a letter which emphasized
this point in these words:
    "Attending a Yale commencement for the
  first time in many years, I was pleased by a
  new note. In the old days, the president used
  to say as he gave out each degree: 'I admit you
  to all its rights and privileges.' At this com-
   mencement, President Seymour in awarding
   degrees said solemnly: 'I remind you of its
   duties and admit you to its rights.'
     "Grand! In our democratic society there is
   no place for privileges. And it is highly im-
   portant that in taking our rights we fully ac-
   cept the duties and responsibilities that go
   with them."
   Membership in the Wisconsin Alumni Associa-
tion enables you to cooperate with your fellow
members in carrying out the Association's primary
objective: to promote, by organized effort, the best
interests o-f the University of Wisconsin. Scattered
alumni working alone can do but little. Thousands
working together can do much to solve the prob-
lems resulting from Wisconsin's record enrollment.
   Since you were a student during this period of
record enrollment you are peculiarly qualified to
work on the problem of securing adequate build-
ings and funds for the University. From first-hand
experience you know what a magnificent job the
University is doing to handle the biggest enroll-
ment in University history. You know, too, the
handicaps under which the University is operat-
ing: lack of class-room and laboratory facilities;
over-crowded conditions; obsolete buildings.
University Needs
  The Daily Cardinal stressed this same fact in an
editorial in its May 9 issue which urged all mem-
bers of the class of '47 to "maintain an active in-
terest-in the affairs of your university:"
     "We make such a plea because we feel that
  the class of '47, better than any that preceded
  it, will realize the needs of the university and
  the tremendous help alumni can be in satisfy-
  ing them. You've stood in book lines, registra-
  tion lines, cafeteria lines. You've watched out-
  standing professors leave Wisconsin because
  it could not meet the bids of wealthier schools.
  You know the need for more housing, better
  classrooms, more equipment.
    "The only way you can help Wisconsin re-
  main the great school it was while you were
  here is to aid the work of the Alumni Associa-
  tion. It is strong already. You can make it
  Many alumni who have not visited the Campus
recently find it hard to believe that University
needs are so critical. They show signs of skepti-
cism when these needs are described in the Wis-
consin Alumnus and the Badger Quarterly. Such
skepticism is perfectly logical to a person who does
not have the first-hand information you have. You
can help to eliminate this skepticism by giving
these alumni the facts they need to visualize clearly
the University's needs.
  Best of luck to you as you start your life work
in your chosen field or profession-and come back
to your favorite campus as often as you can.-

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