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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 5 (Feb. 1947)

He's still here,   p. 14

Page 14

  A DIVING EXHIBITION, rhythmic swimming, a comedy act, and a water
ballet, performed to recorded music make up the program for the University
of Wisconsin Dolphin Club's annual pageant, which will be given March 27,
and 29 in Lathrop Hall pool.
  The "Four Seasons" will be the theme of the 1947 pageant. Mary
Lake Forest, Ill., and Catherine Helgeby, Flint, Mich., are co-chairmen.
season will be divided into three acts with the students in charge of each
vidual act doing their own organizing, directing, lighting, and costume planning.
  The Dolphin Club is one of the oldest girls' athletic organizations on
campus. It was organized in 1920 by a group of girls interested in swimming.
Membership is decided by tryouts, held annually, and the club's main contribu-
tion to the campus is the annual demonstration of water stunts and novelties.
  The Dolphins are sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association, which works
closely with the department of physical education of the University in stimu-
lating interest. and participation in physical education activities among
Other activities sponsored by the WAA include hockey, badminton, basketball,
bowling, dance, tennis, hiking, and skiing clubs, tournaments, play days,
days, and a physical education club, which is a professional organization.
  All Wisconsin women students are required to take two years of physical
education. Every coed is required to participate in an individual sport,
a team
sport, an aquatic sport, and in some form of dancing, besides being enrolled
a fundamentals class for at least one season.
  Now that Prof. Blanche M. Trilling, '17, has retired from her long-standing
position as head of the division of physical education for women, she has
succeeded by Dr. Marie L. Carns, '15. Eight other Wisconsin alumnae are on
the department staff. They include:
  Prof. Margaret N. H'Doubler, '10; Associate Professors Gladys Bassett,
MA'30, Katherine Cronin. '14, Ruth Glassow, '16, and Margaret Meyer, PhD'43;
and Instructors Frances Cumbee, MS'41, Mrs. Cecelia Maas, '40, and Mrs. Lydia
Shafer, '26.
   Subchairmen of the Dolphin Club pageant next month are Constance Fuller,
Lexington, Mass.; Joan Chalmers, Carmel, N. Y.; Elizabeth Overby, Menasha,
Wis.; Joan Carlson, Duluth, Minn. - Ruth Abrahamson, Green Bay, Wis.; Viola
Whiffen, Sheboygan, Wis.; Ruth Marie Buck, Forest Hills, N. Y.; Ina Hill,
Washington, D. C.; Mary Broeksmit, Lake Forest, Ill..; Ada Whiting, Kirkwood,
Mo.; Beatrice Brandon, West Allis, Wis.; Margery Turner, Chicago, Ill.;
Beverly Bullen, Chicago, Ill.; Jean' Gebhardt, Racine, Wis.; Barbara Byrne,
Omaha, Neb.; Susan Hackes, Pelham Manor, N. Y.; Holly Clarke, Two Rivers,
Wis.; Beryl Randall, Stoughton, Mass.; Helen Bryngelson, Galesburg, Ill.;
Draper, Detroit, Mich.; Patricia Patterson, Madison, Wis.; and Catherine
Helgeby, Flint, Mich.
WITH-HARRY" blizzard that swirled
around Coach Harry Stuhidreher's head
at the close of the 1946 football season
has died away as quickly as it blew up.
  When the Badger gridders finished,
eighth in the Big Nine, some anti-
Stuhldreher sentiment cropped up. It
found a focus on the campus where stu-
dents daubed "Goodbye Harry" signs
on building walls and the editor of the
Daily Cardinal propounded five ques-
tions for Harry to answer.
  He replied like this:
  1. Was there any friction between
members of the football team    and
coaching staff which affected the effi-
ciency of the squad this season? Abso-
lutely not.
  2. Are race and color considered in
choosing players for the Wisconsin
football team? No. We give everyone
a fair chance.
  3. Why is the play of Wisconsin
teams marked by poor demonstrations
of fundamental blocking, pass defense,
and tackling? Since other teams were
better, Wisconsin played too hard and
consequently made errors.
  4. Why is it that Wisconsin football
has not kept up with the changing style
of play to employ more deception and
greater variety of plays? Over a 13-
year period Wisconsin has played inter-
esting and deceptive football.
  5. Do other universities in the West-
ern Conference offer greater induce-
ments to attract football players than
it is possible to offer at Wisconsin?
I do not-know if other schools are sub-
sidizing, but here at Wisconsin we
make the best of what we have.
  Harry Halloway, senior law student
from Madison, put a damper on the
whole controversy when he announced
that the "Goodbye Harry" signs weren't
intended for Coach Stuhldreher at all.
  "I'm  graduating in January and
those signs were put up by my friends
in the Law School," Harry explained.
"I'm sorry that the coach got mixed up
in all this."

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