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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number IX (June 1937)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 360-361

Page 360

                   HILE THE C OCK
                                                     tIS THE HOUR
Announce         Martha Forster, Philadelphia, and   on June 26, continuing
through -June 28, with
Association's    Horace W. Wilkie, of Madison,      classes beginning on
June 29.
Junior Awards    son of Harold M. Wilkie, presi-
                 dent of the Board of Regents, were  Uncover       Many a
hoax has been sprung on the
announced as the winners of Wisconsin Alumni as-     Campus'       world's
press over the past 100 years,
sociation awards to the outstanding junior class man  Lost Art     and most
of them have been fake dis-
and woman at the annual Parents' Weekend dinner                       coveries,
pots of gold, copies of mas-
last month. Awards are $100 cash prizes.               ter's paintings.
  A group of seven men and seven girls were final-    No hoax is the search
for "lost art" by Prof. Laur-
ists.  Nominations were made by members of the      ence Schmeckebier of
the art history department,
University faculty.                                    who, with a $1,000
appropriation from the Board of
  Miss Forster is a political science major and has  Regents is rejuvenating
some 50 paintings thrown
been active in many campus groups. She was the chair-  away in 1912 "because
they were not very note-
man of the banquet committee for the 1938 "Par-     worthy."  
Prof. Schmeckebier found paintings attri-
ents' Weekend" which was held May 22. She           buted to important
Spanish, Flemish and Italian ar-
was sub-chairman of the freshman orientation com-   tists of the 17th century
hidden beneath rubbish, etc.,
mittee, chairman of the Women's Self Government     in Campus basements and
association judicial committee, a member of Crucible,  Once the proud possessions
of the late Prof. Paul
junior women's honor society, and a member of Gam-  Reinsch, University historian
and former U. S. minis-
ma Phi Beta sorority.                                  ter to China, the
paintings were discarded because
  Wilkie is president of the house president's council  they were "in
the way."  Regent aid and pleas from
and the university Y. M. C. A. He has been an ac-   local proponents of art
saved most of them  from
tive member of the Wisconsin men's Union board for  complete obscurity. Others,
torn and worn, will be
the past two years and has also been active in for-  destroyed.
ensics. He is a member of Delta Upsilon fraternity.
His scholarship average is close to a perfect "Excel-  Regents Vote
 University regents manifested gen-
lent."                                                Retirement   
    eral approval of a ruling to auto-
                                                       At 70 Years      matically
retire all professors at the
Expect 5000 at   An enrollment of close to 5,000                        age
of 70 at a recent meeting, but
Summer Session   students is expected for the 39th  failed to arrive at a
final vote on the proposition.
                 annual Summer Session is indi-        If the policy becomes
effective one of the first prom-
cated by the large number of inquiries and requests  inent faculty members
to be retired will be famed
for summer school bulletins re-
ceived at the office of Scott H.
Goodnight, dean of the session.
  With the number of inquiries
and requests for bulletins so far
this year considerably ahead of last
year at the same time, it is expected
that enrollment in the 1937 sum-
mer school at the University of
Wisconsin will surpass the 4,500
students of last summer.
  The 1937 Summer Session of
the State University opens on
June 28. The general session for
undergraduates and for graduates
continues for six weeks, ending on
Aug. 6, while the special nine-
week courses for graduates only
begin on June 28 and end Aug.
27, and the. Law School opens its
1 0-week session on June 2 1 and                       The stately portals
of the Capitol
closes Aug. 27. Registration opens                  The lawmakers are active
here these days

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