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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 201-203

Page 201

            W         I            T            H                   T)  
                    B d>t 2/pores
     Poser Named         on Honor Fives                   1392-1366. Included
in their list of victims are Harvard,
     Poser Named         on   Honor Fives                Princeton, Illinois
and Ohio State.
WITH    the close of the basketball season last month,
    sports writers in every large city announced their se-
lections of all-Conference and all-Western teams. Rolf
(Chub) Poser, brilliant guard on the 1933-34 Wisconsin         Crews Await
Warm               Weather
squad was an almost unanimous selec-
tion for a guard post on every team,                      J WITH SPRING in
the air, Coach Murphy is anxiously
tioncforlaguardi pt Asontev  tressam,                         waiting warmer
days when he can take his freshman
includingtheAssociated Press   and.           ,and varsity crews out on the
water for regular work-outs.
  Poser playeda most stea dy brand of                    A spell of warm
weather in March enabled Murphy to
ball throughout the entire season. He  - S E I [ X        get several boat
loads out in the barges, but the presence
was not a high scorer by any means,   l | s  ! l E W     of a certain amount
of ice on the lake prevented him from
making only 77 points, but his floor                      doing much with
the shells.
play was superb. Time and time again   w     l I  g         Just what the
crews will have in the way of inter-colle
he would feed the ball to his mates                       giate competition
is pretty indefinite at this time. Nego-
who had a better chance to tip it in                      na0 tiadions are
under way with the Minnesota boat club for
whorhad a   baskett.r Prbab inceto tiper it in   i        a race either at
the Twin Cities or on Lake Mendota and
cent of the plays with the exception                      with the University
of Washington for a race at Madison.
of the tip-offs were started by Chub.
He is a junior and will have one more
year of competition.
  Bill Southworth was named on the
first All-Western hockey team selected
by a group of coaches and sports
writers. Southworth played defense
for the Badgers during the last two       POSER
seasons. Considering the fact that the  All- Western Guard
Badgers' record was none too good
this year, this selection for the first peam is high tribute
to Southworth's abilityaas a de ense man.     gith 3641.
and Fallon, wing, were given honorable mention on the
same honor team selections.
                                                          If Washington goes
to the Poughkeepsie regatta in June, a
        Marksmen        Win    Matches                   race will be held
with them while they are en route.
                                                            The regular schedule
of intranmural rowing will also
  W ISCONSIN'S R. 0. T. C. marksmen walked away with      be followed this
spring after the success of last year's pro-
  both the 6th Corps Area and the Camp Perry Mid.-      gram. It is hoped
that a series of inter-fraternity races can
West Section intercollegiate rifle matches. In the Corps  be held and possibly
awards made to the winners.
Area matches the Badgers scored 3695 points while the
Wisconsin freshmen team captured fifth place out of eight
teams with a total of 3509. Illinois was second with 3641.              
   c   ue a    rtists  Xw       o
This win entitles Wisconsin to represent the Corps Area            Badger
t3nc arst              s     an
in the National Intercollegiate team matches.             T RAILING Purdue
4-2 at the close of the afternoon ses-
  The University of Iowa furnished the keenest competi-      sion of their
matches on March 17, Wisconsin's billiard
tion in the Camo   Perry matches, but the Badger squad    team came from
behind and won all three evening games,
eked out a win  y the score 724-722. Knox College at     taking the first
leg of the home and home match, 5 to 4.
Galesburg, Ill., was also defeated on this same road trip  The tournament
was played at the Purdue Memorial Union
by a score of 914-802. John Peot was Wisconsin's high     at Lafayette, Ind.
scorer in both meets as he has been throughout the season.  Franklin Wilcox
and Harlan Kelley won two out of
  The R. 0. T. C. squad has won a total of 31 matches     three of their
matches and James McPhee won 1 out of
this year and lost only six. Their most recent defeat was  3. All three Wisconsin
players are lawyers and were
at the hands of the University of Minnesota, last year's  matched against
the Purdue team of three engineers.
national intercollegiate champions by a score of 1383-1344.  The Purdue team
will come to the Wisconsin Union for
  Not to be outdone by their classmates, the R. 0. T. C.  the return match
on April 14 and the team winning the
pistol team has been winning matches in fine fashion. To  largest aggregate
number of games in both matches will
date this squad has engaged in seven matches and has      be declared champion.
the Amateur Billiard association
lost but one, that to the University of Missouri by a score of  will present
a trophy to the winner.
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