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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 134-135

Page 134

                            r CLOCK., Army the hour
Regents Attempt  Steps to provide relief for several special  number of language
credits in two or more languages.
to Eliminate    cases of unusual hardship among Uni-        The Faculty also
adopted resolutions in memory of two
Hardships        versity employees in the lower ranks of   members of the
faculty who died recently. They were John
the State civil service were taken by the executive and   B. Sanborn, Madison
attorney and lecturer in the law school,
finance committees of the Board of Regents at its recent  and John S. Donald,
assistant professor of agricultural
meeting.                                                       economics.
  On the recommendation of Pres. Glenn Frank and James
D. Phillips, business manager, several individual cases of
hardship were relieved by being granted exemption from    Merchants     
 Fighting to secure a hearing before the
waiver. Further investigation of a few other cases will be  Continue    
 Department of Agriculture and Markets,
made before action is taken, the Regents decided.         Complaint     
 the Wisconsin Business Men's Protective
  Mr. Phillips reported that the transfer of $45,000 in   association recently
filed a petition with the Department
University funds for payment of work in the University    asking that the
group reverse its previous decision not to
shops has brought relief to cases of hardship there, and in-  assume jurisdiction
in the complaint of the merchants
creased the work and earnings                                           
                  against the Memorial Union
of the employees. Mr. Phil-                                             
                  and other University agen-
lips said he had had a confer-                                          
ence with all shop foremen,                                             
                    The Department had previ.
and that it had been agreed                                             
                  ously ruled that, inasmuch as
to spread the additional work                                           
                  the complaint of the business
so that all of the employees                                            
                  men asked for action by one
would obtain more work.                                                 
                  State department against an-
  The Regents also approved                                             
                  other, they could not logically
an additional allotment of                                              
                  assume the right to decide the
$1,500 from University capi-                                            
                  complaint. This decision was
tal funds to complete the re-                                           
                  reached following the sub-
modeling of the old mining                                              
                  mission of a report by the at-
building into a new    radio                                            
                  torney for the Department, R.
studio for WHA, University                                              
                  M. Orchard.
station. An earlier grant of                                            
                    The business men protested
$2,500 had been made for this                                           
                  the activities of the Memorial
work, which is being done                                               
                  Union, Bascom    theater and
with the aid of federal funds                 WATCHING THE SKIERS LAND  
                  the Department of Dormito-
under the civil works program.                                          
                  ries and Commons on the
  Aid was extended to needy students by the Regents when  grounds that these
units of the University were offering
they authorized Mr. Phillips and Maurice E. McCaffrey,    "1unfair competition"
to privately owned enterprises. it
secretary of the board, to approve loans from the Vilas trust  was held that
the agencies of the University, being tax-
fund to the amount of $2,500 to enable students to pay    exempt, could compete
with the individual business men
their fees during the second semester of the current school  on financially
superior grounds.
year.                                                            Following
the refusal of the Department of Agriculture
The Regents also extended the limit of the period dur-    and Markets to
retain the complaint, the attorneys for the
ing which new students may register in the second semester  association declared
that they might take steps to bring the
without being fined for late registration from Feb. 2 to  matter before the
circuit court. Their decision to try to get
Feb. 9. This action was necessary, Pres. Frank explained, to  a hearing once
more comes as something of a surprise,
give high school students who graduate from high schools  therefore.
having late graduation exercises in February adequate time  The Department
has suspended action on the petition
to enroll in University classes for the second semester. -  pending the arrival
of Mr. Orchard who is out of the city
                                                               at present.
Mr. Sauthoff, attorney for the association, indi-
                                                               cated that
should the Department deny his petition he will
                ApproveActiontaken ess thn a moth agoby the probably take
the matter directly to the courts for settlement.
Language         College of Letters and Science faculty
Changes          making the compulsory system of attainm-
ment examinations in foreign languages optional with the
student was approved by the general faculty at its recent  Teachers     
 State supported institutions of higher edu-
meeting.                                                      Universty 
      cation, such as the University of Wiscon-
  The Letters and Science recommendation was presented    Unvri'        
sin, are an essential part of a system of
to the faculty by Dean George C. Sellery. The action per-  free education
and should receive full and adequate sup-
mits students to fulfill the requirement in foreign language  port and confidence
of the people of the State, the Council
for both the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of philosophy  on~ Education
of -the Wisconsin Teachers' association asserts
degree either by passing proficiency or intermediate exam-  in its program
for the reconstruction of public education
inations in one or two languages, or by taking the required  in the State.
                                                      Page 134

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