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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1932)

Noer, Frederick J.
Campus events in review,   p. 185

Page 185

March, 1932                                                             The
Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
t5- Campus F vents in Review -v-
THE     FIRST fatality amongst the   Frederick J. Noer, 33         office
has brought the council to the
  fraternities for the current school                                realization
that something must be
  year. Sigma Pi, social fraternity,                                  done,
or the fraternities may be faced
    has disbanded. This brief announcement from      with rules that will
come from  the faculty.  The
the officers of the now defunct Greek organization is  Interfraternity council
is generally recognized as a
the first tangible evidence presented so far that fra-  body which has no
support from its members, and, if
ternities and sororities on the Wisconsin campus are  new rules are passed,
they will have to carry with
facing their "test" year. Although it has generally  them some
form of penalizing the fraternities for their
been conceded that the financial condition of the ma-  violation. Dean Scott
H. Goodnight is favorable to a
jority of the organizations is shaky, the disbanding  continuance of the
deferred rushing plan because fra-
of Sigma Pi adds more authenticity to the statement  ternity activities,
he claims, may hinder the freshmen
than any other. The officers of the fraternity state  in their studies. Just
what may result is not known,
that they have only temporarily disbanded and that  but he has stated several
times that the faculty may
they plan to reorganize when condi-                                     step
in and take the matter into their
tions are more favorable for the main-                                  
il own hands. The Interfraternity coun-
tenance of the group. Their chapter                                     cil
must take some action immediately,
house has been taken over by Kappa                                      and
the fraternities must back the
Psi, professional pharmaceutical fra-             j                     council
or faculty action will follow.
ternity, with four members of Sigma c
Pi living in the house.                          K
 "Raising the probation standards on
                                                                  Opnn  tthe
part of college of letters and sci-
triolic attack against the LaFollette     Ithe student eligibility committee's
Progressives, the newly formed Uni-                                     o
mmendations, which state that the
versity Republican Club held its first  p                              scholastic
requirement for participa-
meeting last month to outline a cam-                                    tion
in athletics and activities be low-
paign in support of the presidential                        -           ered.
to the probation level, the thresh-
candidate to be nominated by the par-                                   old
of which was then approximately
ty at their national convention in Chi-                                 .700,"
said James M. Johnston, '32, a
cago this summer. Three -law~ schoolchimnotecmitenar-
students, John Dern, Joseph Meigher,  l    0   g     g       w          port
issued recently. "This proposal,
and C. P. Kempel, form the nucleus of   ON UNIVERSITY AVENUE       if put
into effect, would do away with
the club, which is organized under          A snowstorm at last    the existing
discrimination between
the direction of the Republican na-                                     the
eligibility requirement for partici-
tional committee in Washington, D. C. This first shot  pation in activities,
which is 1.000, and the require-
in the campaign on the campus will soon be followed  ment for participation
in athletics, which is .800."
by counter campaigns to be organized by student and  Thus the battle between
students and faculty over
faculty members of the Democratic party, who will   the eligibility requirements
continues. The former's
soon meet to elect officers and lay a plan of action.  committee recently
asked the faculty students life
This is the first year that students have taken as ac-  and  interest committee
to revise their require-
tive an interest in national politics, and is indicative  ments to a lower
level, and the faculty retaliated by
of the great interest on the part of the students in na-  raising the requirements.
The faculty committee is
tional and international affairs. Foreign students have  generally conceded
to be in favor of non-revision, as
held many public discussions of the Sino-Japanese   the athletic standards
are in keeping with the Big Ten
conflict, and the open forums of the International Re-  conference rules,
and they see no reason for a change.
lations club and the Union Forum committee have been  The student committee
will revise their recommenda-
marked by heated debates on the part of the hundreds  tions in light of the
recent faculty action, and another
of students in attendance.                              battle is anticipated
when the faculty committee takes
                                                        action on the report.
  The age-old discussion of rushing rules for frater-
nities has again been started by the Interfraternity  The history department
is mourning the death of
council, and at their last meeting they laid the foun-  one of its most admired
members. Logan, the beauti-
dations for the compilation of definite rules to govern  ful fan-tailed goldflish
that has graced the office of that
these activities. Violations of the deferred rushing  department, died Feb.
19. It was the namesake of
rules adopted by the council recently have been wide-  Prof. Frederic Logan
Paxson, and was presented to
spread, and the possible action from the dean of men's            (Continued
on page 200)
                                                 Page 185

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