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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

Campus notes and faculty news,   p. 100

Page 100

fanuary, '1927
* "    100
Campus Notes and Faculty News
  MEMBERS of the Wisconsin Manu-
facturers' Association while in Madison
for their annual convention, inspected
the research laboratories of the College
of Engineering.
  FELLOWSHIPs in German universities,
modelled after those offered by Ameri-
can universities, will be awarded to
students of various American univer-
sities, according to an announcement
made by the American-German Stu-
dent Exchange. They are offered in the
hope of developing international friend-
  WITH the appointment of.committee
heads and assistant general chairmen
for the 1928 Junior Prom, Jack Wilson,
Milwaukee, prom chairman, has started
machinery moving that will culminate
in the most brilliant social event of the
University year. The Wisconsin Play-
Ers have promised to put on a play that
will be on a par with their previous
pleasing productions.
   HOCKEY rinks, some reserved for stu-
 dents and others for the general public,
 have been constructed at Camp Randall
 under -the direction of Coach Tom Lieb.
 Bleachers for the accommodation of
 spectators at the inteicollegiate hockey
 games have' been constructed adjacent
 to the -rink on the lower campus.
   EXACTLY $2;736.32 was collected at
 the Homecoming' game for traveling
 expenses of the band. The amount was
 enough to send the band to Chicago and
 to pay-off the $I,4oo borrowed from the
 Union Board to send the band to Ann
    CONTRACT for the construction of the
 Service Memorial Institute went to
 J. P. Cullen & Son, Janesville. Surplus
 money from the Wisconsin Soldiers' Re-
habilitation fund, amounting to Isome
$6o00o, is available for the building of
the structure. It will provide quarters
for research and clinical work of various
departments of the University Medical
School and allied -state laboratories and
institutes. The building will be located
at the corner of Charter St., and Linden
  STUDENT opinion scored a victory
when a petition signed by -a large
number of students received favorable
action by the faculty.   The request
urged that the Christmas holidays begin
on December 18 and extend to January
4 instead of beginning December 22 and
extending :to January 6. This allowed
students living at a distance to get home
in plenty of time before Christmas and
would give many of them     practically
three week-ends at home.
   THE first weekly edition of "Dormi-
 tory News," the official publication of
 the Men's Dormitory Association, ap.
 peared on the campus on December i.
 Contributors include Paul Reuz, '30,
 Bill McIlrath, '30, Ken Williams, '30,
 Thomas Stone, '30, Jack Chamberlin,
 '30, Luther Brooks, '27, William Stev-
 en, 3'30.
   Plans for the new Milwaukee building
 of the.University.Extension division have
 been approved by the state chief en-
 gineer. State and University authorities
 have authorized the architects to pre-
 pare specifications and it is, expected
 that contracts will' be let in time to allow
 completion 'by September, i927. The
 Milwaukee building will be used 13
 hours each week day.     It will- house
 morning, classes for students taking the
 first two years of college courses and
 afternoon and evening. dasses for men
.'and women from    the homes, sehools,
  offices, and industries in Milwaukee and
  surrounding communities.
  'After 32 years of continuous service,
  Edward H. Farrington, head of .the
  dairy department at the University of
  Wisconsin has tendered his resignation
  to:be effective next summer. In recog-
  nition of his untiring work he will be
  granted the honorary title of professor
  emeritus when he retires.
    Farrington's services to the dairy in-
  terests of Wisconsin date back to 1894
  when he came to the Badger institu-
  tion to take charge of the dairy work.
  During that time he. has made many
  notable contributions to dairy science,
  including the alkaline tablet test for
  acidity, the milk sediment test, the test
  for per cent of fat in butter and the
  high-pressure oven test to detect water
  in dairy products. The winter dairy
  course has been developed to its pres-
  ent importance under his guidance.
     A COMPLETE list of University publi-
   cations, together with the number of
   pages and price is being compiled by
   W. H. Negley, Jniversity editor.
     PROF. PITMAN B. POTTER has an-
   nounced the opening of a new Political
   Science Laboratory in South Hall at the
   beginning of the second semester. Here
   students will be supplied the primary
   materials for the study of government
   and politics, such as municipal, state,
   and national constitutions, statutes and
   other official acts, American and foreign,
   together with documents for the study
   of international relations, such   as
   treaties andiForeign Office lists.
The arrow shows the new Milwaukee Extension Building, in-the plan for group'ng
                     future public buildings.

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