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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 348-350

Page 348

Wyman Smith, '2o, journalist and secre-
tary to Dean Russell; E. B. Rodriguez,
1918-2o, chief, Filipiniana   division,
Philippine Library and Museum; Mrs.
Cirilo B. Perez, I919-2o, social worker;
Cirilo B. Perez, 1918-2o    ,librarian,
Bureau of Science; Gabriel A. Bernardo,
1918-20, librarian, University of the
Philippines; I. V. Mallari, '23, li-
brarian, Philippine   Normal School;
Jose M. Munda, 1918-2o, chief exten-
sion secretary, Philippine Library and
Museum; Nicanor G. Teodoro, '20, '23,
chief phytopathologist and acting chief,
plant pests control division, Bureau of
Agriculture; Conrado Paras, 1919-21,
acting chief clerk, Department of the
Interior, and temporary lecturer, Col-
lege of Liberal Arts, University of the
Philippines, member Philippine Bar;
Roberto P. Villatuya, '25, engineer, ir-
rigation division, Bureau   of Public
Works; Scrafin E. Macaraeg, prospec-
tive Badger, sailing for Wisconsin in
the summer.
   (The following letter was received from
the U. IV. Alumni Club of St. Croix Val-
ley with the request that it be inserted in
the Alumni Magazine. It should have
appeared with the write-up of the annual
meeting of the club which appeared in the
7uly issue, but was received too late for
such insertion.)
                 River Falls, Wis.,
                       June 9, 1926.
TO the Board of Regents of the Uni-
   versity of Wisconsin:
   At the recent meeting of the St. Croix
Valley - University of Wisconsin Alumni
Club, the members voted their disap-
proval of the action of the Board of Re-
gents in refusing to accept any future
gifts from educational foundations.
  We, the members of the Alumni Club,
feel that such action will hamper the
normal progressive advancement or de-
velopment of the University, particularly
in the field of research. Such a policy
will undoubtedly place the University
of Wisconsin at a disadvantage com-
pared with other universities of recog-
nized equal rank.
  It is our wish that the Board of Re-
gents reconsider and revoke their action
in refusing to accept gifts which we deem
vital to the future of our Alma Mater.
     St. Croix Valley University of Wis-
       consin Alumni Club,
    -By Arthur H. Benson, '23,
0n May 2o a small but enthusiastic
    group of Wisconsin alumni met in
Syracuse for their annual dinner. The
meeting was held in Slocum Hall, on the
campus of Syracuse University, and the
dinner was served by the Home Eco-
nomics Department of the University.
  The Syracuse group is not sufficiently
formal in its organization to necessitate
a business meeting other than to call the
roll and to elect for another year's duties
the following two officers: Prof. 'Ray-
mond F. Piper, '12,. president, and Ella
Wyman Brewer, 'o9, secretary.
  Immediately following the'transac-
tion of this weighty business, Mr. Piper
spoke on "Recent Books by Wisconsin
Faculty Members."    Professor Piper's
own field being philosophy, he gave a
particularly sympathetic and enlighten-
ing review of Prof. M. C. Otto's latest
book. Later Professor Leonard's "Two
Lives" was reviewed by Florence Ver-
non Steensland, '95.
  Wisconsin spirit ran high with the
singing of Wisconsin songs and indul-
gence in many reminiscences, and it was
agreed that more than one meeting a
year was needed. With the decision to
meet in the fall for a Wisconsin picnic,
the meeting was adjourned.-7-7-26.
                                           Alumni News
                       Alumni please keep in touch with the MAGAZINE and
with your
    Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief,
definite and accurate.
careful attention. Requests to insert pictures should be accompanied by 13
em half tone copper
for $2.5o.
1918  Gertrude Baker to Joseph WEIX,
      both of Oconomowoc.
1920  Helen JAMIESON, Poynette, to Spencer
      Vieth, Ripon. Mr. Vieth is connected
      with the Carl Vieth Clothing Com-
      pany which operates stores through-
      out the state. The wedding will occur
      in September.
-122  Martha- BUas1 to- Louis SLtICHTER,
1917  both of Madison. Mr. Slichter is a son
      of Dean and Mrs. C. S. Slichter.
1924  Marguerite BAINES, Janesville, to
1922  Willard RENDALL, Des Moines, Ia.
      Mr. Rendall is with the Kayser Motor
      Co. of Madison.
1924  Margaret SMITH,   Milwaukee,  to
1923  Thomas NILES, Glen Ellyn, Ill.
1924 Frances Hull WARREN, Cedar Rapids.
1922  Ia., to James Stannard BAKER. Miss
      Warren has been society editor for
      the Evening Gazette, Cedar Rapids.
      since graduation. Mr. Baker, a son of
      Ray Stannard Baker (David Grayson),
      graduated from Amherst College and
      took his graduate work at Wisconsin,
      finishing here in '22.
1925 Isabel FARRINGTON to John RICH-
1925 ARDS, both of Madison. Miss Farring-
      ton is a daughter of Professor and
      Mrs. E. H. Farrington. Mr. Rich-
      ards, who received his law degree from
      Harvard in 1926, is a son of Dean and
      Mrs. H. S. Richards.
ex'25 Doris'Inda, Milwaukee, to Roland
      BARTELS, Sheboygan.
1926 Helen Marguerite ANDERSON, Wau-
      watosa, to Carl Lovendahl, Racine.
ex '26 Josephine Conklin, Madison, to
      James KNOX, Des Moines, Ia. The
      wedding will take place in the fall.
ex '26 Mildred GLEISNER, Racine, to A. A.
ex '27 PETERSON, Irma.
1926 Dorothy L'HOMMEDIEU     to  John
ex '27 CLEVELAND, both of Madison. The
      wedding will take place on August 9.
class secretary.
Correct spelling of proper names should receive
cut of 133 screen, or by photograph and check
   ex '26 Mary MCCLUN, Chicago, to Carl
        Hansen, Chicago.
   1926 Eunice  NECKERMAN, Madison, to
   1926 Waldemar GROTH, Watertown. Mr.
        Groth, who is a graduate of North-
        western College at Watertown and
        received his M. A. degree from the
        University in June, has been instruct-
        ing in the German department of the
   ex '26 Roberta ODELL, Madison, to Leroy
        Rosser, Mitchell, S. D. Mr. Rosser is a
        graduate of Dakota Wesleyan Uni-
        versity and is now with the Goodrich
        Rubber Company at Akron, 0.
   1926 Mildred OSMAN, Omaha, Neb., to
   ex '26 Ben WIEDRING, Milwaukee.
   1926 Gladys Schmelzer to James HAYEs,
        both of Madison. Mr. Hayes is a
        graduate in the Pharmacy Course.
   ex'28 Barbara THOMPSON, Oshkosh, to Dr.
   1922 Everett CAMPBELL, Madison.   Dr.
        Campbell, who finishea his medical
        work at Rush Medical College, is now
        located in New York City.
Dorothy L'Hommedieu
Au1gust, 1926
Helen Znderson
Mildred Osman

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