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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Alumni news,   pp. 228-230

Page 228

                        ALUMNI NEWS
Alumni please keep in touch with the MAGA71iNE and with your Class Secretary
  1917 Miss Elizsbeth Auer, Milwaukee, I
        Gordon Reese, Evanston, ill.
  1918  Gladys Holstein, Ft. Atkinson, to Charh
       Johnson, Madison. The wedding wi
       occur the latter part of May.
 -4918 Vivian Warner to F. T. Browne, bot
       of Chicago, II. -
 1918  Edna Hartman, Madison, to W. Xv
       Brinkley; Richmond, Va.
 1919  Helen Borchers Madison to Ray Li.
 1923  tenwalner, Monroe, a second year la-
 1920  Margaret Wen'sley, Cleveland, 0., t
       Dr.. F. M. flealy, N. -Y C.
 1 920 Ruth " Luckey, Madison, to -Ernec
* 1922 Longenecker, Neillsvalle The weddin
       will take -place in Ju:ne.
 1920 Margaret Graighill to Leonard Vii'ker!
 1921  The wedding will take place in June an
     - the ~couple will continue their mnedic,
       studiesIat Jorn;--Hopkins in the fall.
 1920  Margaret Reinking, Madison, to F. (3
       Weed,, Norwalk,- Conn.
 1921 'Leona -Ruder to George Steuber.-
 ex '18
 1921  Ella Boyce, De Kalb, 1ll., to Dale Wil
 1921- liami; Oshkosha
 ex '23- Ruth C-halldler to Edwin Godfrey, bot]
 1920, of' Waupaoa.-
 1923 -Josephine.dWAters, Osak Park, Ill,- t
 1923 -Philip O'Neil, Duluth, Minn.
 1_923~ Mildred _-Pribnow, Virginia, Minn., t4
 -ex -'24 Karl Fanerhach, Madison.
 1924, ;Theora 'Teift, Belvidere, Ill., to Edwar(
       Loop~, Washington, D. C. The marriag4
     - sset for June.
 1924 Cat-herine Barry, Cedar Rapids, Ia., t(
 1923  Sine Boyden, Chippewa Falls:.
 Faculty Ethel Moore, former graduate studeni
       and assistant in English, to E. M. Fisher
   i- nstructor in business administration
      The wedding will occur inkthe summer.
19.12 Miss May Krieger to Harold Scherer,
      Feb. 4,'1922. They reside at 6341 Mag-
      nolia Ave., Chicago, Ill.
1918 'Grace Hawley, Elgin, Ill., to Herbert
1923  Schrader, an instructor in mechanical
      engineering at the University, March 17.
1918, Miss Hazel Meyer, Plymouth, to Edward
      Sievers, Jan. .21. They reside at 1922
      Lawrence St. N. E., Washington, D. C.
1920  Hazel Wolfe, Mt. Horeb, to A. R. Charl-
ex'18 ton, Milwaukee, April 17. They left
      immediately for Puerta Barrios, Guate-
      mala, where Mr. Charlton will take up
      his work as assistant chief engineer with
      the U. S. Fruit Co.
1921  Marion Dickens, Milwaukee, to W. S.
1918  Gilbreath, Jr., Detroit, Mich., April 29.
1921  Miss Mary Delaney, Highland, to B.
      W. Drewry, April 18. Mr. Drewry is
      employed at the Krehl Pharmacy, Madi-
ex '23 Louise Moore, Reynold, Ill., to Vern
      Pfanku, Madison, April 11.
1924  Hazel Snir, Pittsburgh, Pa., to Willis
ex '23 Gifford, Feb. 4. They reside at 4647
-     Winthrop Ave., Chicago, Ill.
1924  Helen Huffman, Richland Center, to
ex '24 Everett McCollum, Twin Bluffs, Feb.
      15.  Mr. McCollum   is a student at
ex '24 Dorothy Scheibel, Madison, to Maj. H.
      P. Milligan, of the Military department,
      April 3.
                    . BIRTHS
to  ex '04 To Mr. amd    Mrs. W. B. Bennett
    1904 (Florence Moffatt), a daughter, Jane
es    -   Moffatt, Feb. 1. 1 -
i!  1908  To Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Gibson, Grafton,
-' h      Pa., a son, Wynn Gordon, March 1 .
    1908  To Mr. and Mrs. J1. A. Cochran-e (De-
    :     borah 'Jenkins), 134, W. George St., St.
1. -      Paul, Minn., 'a son, John Alexan-der,
          March 29.                       i
1-  1909 To Mr     and *Mrs/ Herman Sachtjen;
VV        Madison, a daughter, March 21.
    1,911 -To Prof. and Mrs. F. B. Hadley (Jennie
0         Po-tts), a- daughter; Cornelia Bostwick,
        -.Jan. 17.
1;t l1    To Mr. and- Mrg   Carl Pick (Mabelle9
g.91      Brede2Q19 a, daughter  Mary   Carol,
     d".15 199824-.
:. 1912 ,-To Mr. and Mrs. W P Wolff Ely, Minn.,
     d    a son, James. Francis, Oct. 14, 1921.
ii  1912      Mr. -and Mr s  Harry   e6issner a
    * 913 daughter, Barbara Feannie..
    1913 To Mr. and Mrs. S. 'B. Black, Arlington
          Heights, Boston, Mass.,, a -an, Wallace
          Gordon, Feb. 24.    -
   1916 To Mr. and Mrs. H. A.Barber (Margaret
          Wah), Beanning, Ga., a son, Heary.Anson,
        --Jr., Mar'ch'Id.
  1 916   To Mr. and Mrs. -David, M-.orris - Jessie
    1-918 Evans), Grand Forks, .N . D., a son,-
        .David Burton,- Feb.-20. --
    1-918 To Mr. and Mrs. ~G * R. Shaw' (Helen
3   1920  Chur chill), Cleveland,; 0., a daughter,
         Virginia Amelia, March 12.
1   1918 To Mr- and Mrs;. Marshall Sergeant, a  -
iý  ex '21 son, John Cheney,- March 12. -
    1919- To Mr. and Mrs. G.- E. Bird (Marion-
  )-1919 Fay'), Western Springs, Ill., a daughter.
         Constance Brayton.        -
 L ex.'19 'to, Mr.- and M~rs. Scott7 Crosswaite
         -(Mildred Devine)', Des Moines, Ia., a
     *   daughter, May Jean.
   1919 To Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Hobhart (Helen
       - Browne), Evanston, Ill., a son, born the
         early part of--Decemiber.-
   1920  To Mr. and- Mrs. L I. H. Pierce, (Josephihne'
         Hadley), Delavan, a-son.§
  .19'20 To Mr. and Mrs.. R. A. Baxter (Alma
  ax '20 Pett), 3511 Morrell Ave., Kansas City,
         Mo., a son, Ivan Pett, Jan. 29.
   Mrs. WILLIAM FREEMAN VILAS, widow of the
late Senator W. F. Vilas, '58-a member of the
Alumni Association until his death in 1908 and
one of Wisconsin's most notable figures in State
and national military, political, legal, educational
and business circles-died on March 1 in- her
beautiful home overlooking Lake Mendota.
Mrs. Vilas, a member of the Fox family of early
pioneers, was born in Oregon, Oct. 15, 1845.
She married Colonel Vilas in 1866 and to them
four children were born.
  The generosity of Colonel and Mrs. Vilas has
been shown in Madison in many ways. Vilas
Park is a memorial to their son Henry. '94;
Guild Hall was given to Grace Episcopal Church
in memory of their daughter Cornelia. Several
years ago Mrs. Vilas presented the city Y. W.
C. A., with a-country home, known as the Anna
M. Vilas home. She has also been a generous
giver to many other civic and philanthropic
  At their March meeting the Regents directed
the secretary to enter on the records the following
minute regarding her death: "Mrs. Vilas was
closely associated with her husband in his lifelong
labors for the State and for education and in his
large plans for the advancement of the University.
Her life was also noteworthu for oublic benefactions.

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