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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Goedgen, A. J.
An "unusual" bird,   pp. 236-241

Page 236

  Mrs_-:,-. F.. WEDWNYamElaSTHR
       den ree-at "15 Goumtr 'Cu Road,
G hiago Heights, 111. 'J.1'R fIOBBINs has
  been appointe  asistant-to President -C.
  F. -Ke~ly of the Anaconda -Copper. -Mining
  Co, -wi    eadquarters at Butte, Mont'.,
     SeC'y-LILLIAN TAYLORI, Ma~dison,
              352 W. Wilson St.
      -   ý C .  ILLISON resides at 825i 14th St.,
  Bowli'g Green, rKy.'-E      TOBENKIN,
  novelist and-author of The House of Com'-
  Fades was.- entertained recently at the
  Journalism house -and spoke on tendencies
  n modern literature and its relation to
  Journalism.  Mr. Tobenkin is- . getting
  economic statistics and background for
  his next novel which is to be published in
  the fall.-H. M. OLSON may be reached at
  30 Church St.,. Room 517, N. Y. C.-H.
  B. HAWKINS resides at 740 Clayton St.,
  SanFrancisco, Cal.-' W.- H. SIEFERT of
  Chicago, Ill., was in Cleveland, 0., and
  att6nded the West Conference smoker held
  on March 30.         -
   things in a progressive and modern way."
   -Chauncey BLAKE, of the firm of Blake
   and Sanborn, Madison lawyers, and a
   member of- the local executive committee'
   of the Boy Scouts of America, -says: ,"I
   am interested in scouting because the
   Boy Scout movement is neither sectarian
   nor institutionalized. "-Jennie MCMULLIN'
   Turner spoke. at a recent meetinig of the
   Madison. Women's 'Trade Union League
   'on. labor co'lleges'in the U. S. and abroad.-
   FVlorence' DOD&E, principal 6f 'Rad ndall
-' School, -Madison, is chairman of a ~coxi-
  imittee of members of, the Dane 'County
  methods by which7 high shool .and- grae
  ''chool' teachers' tnay - co-operate. for the
  Vsystenfatitatio-n ,of educatioii.L-44r.. and-
     Sec'y--L. W. BRIDGMAN, Madison,
             1910 Kendall Ave.
   L. F. HARZA resides at. 623 Monadnock
 Bldg., Chicago, II1.-Andrew BOGUE is
 an attorney at Parker, S. D.-Meda STE--
 VENS Condie resides at 29 W. Magnolia
 Ave., Stockton, Cal.-Arthur VAN HAGAN
 may be addressed at Room 1613, 195
 Broadway, N. Y.-Conrad HOFFMAN, who
 is investigating conditions in-Europe and
 applying the fund raised in American
 school last December for the relief of stu-
 dents and teachers writes that one-tenth
 of the faculty of the University of Vienna
 have died since the war; school of medicine
-are vainly attempting to replace the 30,000
doctors who died in Russia during the
war; there was only one doctor for 135,000
persons during the recent typhus epidemic
in Galicia; only 50 students remain in St.
Paul's College at _Parsus. The enrollment
was lowered bv the lack of food, clothing,
and books, whiich makes the existence of
those still there precarious.-Gordon LEwis,
Highland, formerly coach and captain of
the University baseball teami, is reported
'to hav-e signed a contract as umpire on the
'Thr-ee-Rye league statf the coming season,
contingen t ori the failure of negotiating '
for the. managership of the Grand Island
(Neb.)- basebal associatioii;-W. M.. CON-.
WAY, who is engaged in gen~eral, contracting-
at- Madison, will -erect. a -store and apart,-
menit buil, ding at G13 State St., soon.-
Commissioner of Agriculture C. P.'NoR-
GORD attended, a meeting- of the Cutov'er
Land, Reclamation Ass'n held, in M+h
waukee, April 11.
                 1907 -
   Sec'y-RALPH G'IGLE'-R Milwaukee,
             6914 Broadway.
           Reune injnnfe!
  IMPORTANT NOTICE:      Reunion
Headquarters have been changed from
the Union Bldg. on Langdon St., to the
'~" "~"
     By. A.- J. GoEDdmENmrs)7
   Sixteen years ago', seven "07"
 Electricals forrijed -a, little club, and
 called it the Dirct Current Dynamoi
 ,club -'r   e-mnlueSheer:--ItsalyattkeeSiml
 DCDtC or "DC-(lSquared.", R. 'L.
 ("D.ick") Loescli, L..'F. ("Loi,,e")
 Reinhard, -C. W. ("Chuck") Green,
 E. .r. (   tStroke"s) Hubbard, "Manna-
 ger," Allen Hibbard-, R. B. ("Maret)
 Anthony, and Ai.("ýAi"),Goedg'en
 made up the membership.
   Graduation  came   along,  and ,
 "i-ek" Loesch Started a roui irobin
 letter among the Seven members.
 This "robin" has flown over its na-
 tionwide circuit since the summer of
 1907, and is still as active a bird as
 ever. Its route includes Milwaekee,
 Chicago, Montrose (Colorado), San
 Francisco, New  York  City, and'
 Baltimore. It makes its circuit every
 six to eight weeks and has already
 traveled a million miles. It might -
 e said "the first million miles* are
 the hardest," as each year the "bird"
 is more deeply endeared to DC:2
 It has served to keep seven college
 chums in close touch as it seems only
 a -round-robin letter could do. The
 contents of the ,big envelope are
 always highly informal and very in-
 teresting. It contains everything
 from .one of "Louie" Reinhard's
 stories to a political discussion, or a
 report of some member's visit at
 Madison, .or a picture of "the
  College' friendships are usually
the best of our e'ntire lives, so why.
not continue them systematically
by'means of "round-robins?"

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