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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Fine arts department,   p. [135]

Page [135]

  Clinhial Congress of the Surgeons
  of North America."
    The, speech of Dean F. E. Tur-
  neaure, too, was a "bird," as was
  that of Governor-elect Francis E.
    The full ticket of officers chosen
  by the U. C. Club was as follows:
  President--L. A. Williams, '00;
  vice-president, Frederick Whitton,,
  '89; secretary, J. G. Wray, '93; di-
  rectors, Dr. F. E. Chandler, '86,
  Israel Shrimski, ex- '88, and Dr. A.
  H. Curtis, '02.
    The committees in charge of the
  meet were as follows: Lynn A. Wil-
  liams, general chairman; Allard
  Smith, commodore; captains, Dr.
  F. E. Chandler, Andrews Allen,
  Dr. C. H. McKenna, Dr. Arthur H.
Curtis, George Haight, H. P. How-
land; Fred Newman, chief engi-
neer; mechanicians, Arthur    E.
Van Hagen, W. J. Crumpton, Ar-
thur H. Boettcher, Harold     K.
Weld, liarod-lrew_ J. C.otter,
Fred S. White, chief of-commis-
sary department; aides, Felix Bol-
denweck, W. A. Morrow; Fred Sil-
ber, chairman committee on music
and program, assisted by A. B.
Marvin, A. T. Conger; Israel
Shrimski, chairman committee on
advertising and publicity, assisted
by Paul Wright, Elias Bredin.
  It is" believed that the "Aviation
Meet" is but the first of a series
in which the Chicago alumni will
be brought together for the good of
all concerned.
  The Chicago College club enter-
tained November 11, 1910, especi-
ally for alumnae of the University
of Wisconsin. Mrs. Charles Hard-
ing, '77, was hostess, and about
fifty Wisconsin women were pres-
ent at the tea. All of them were
enthusiastic at the idea of a Wis-
consin club for Chicago women
and a 6ommittee was appointed to
make arrangements for a perma-
nent organization. The committee
consisted of Mrs. E. D. Sewall, '79,
Mrs. Mary H1-ealy, '87, Mrs. F. A.
Wheelihan, '98, Miss Emma Ochs-
ner, '00, and Miss Mary Swain, '02.
This committee decided to have a
Wisconsin   luncheon   Saturday,
January 14, 1911.
  Thus far, the difficulty before
the committee has been to obtain a
complete list of the Wisconsin
women living in or near Chicago.
It would be of great assistance in
preparing the invitation list for
the luncheon if those wishing to
attend would send their names
and addresses to Mrs. E. D. Sewall,
4721 Greenwood Ave, before De-
cember 20, 1910.

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