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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Obata, Shigeyoshi
A freshman's devotion,   p. 80

Page 80

Felix Boldenweck and W. A. Mor-
row. Fred Silber, A. B. Marvin
and R. T. Conger have arranged
for program and music, and in
order that the Chicago! public
may not live in ignorance of the
U. W. Club and its aviation meet,
President C. E. Pickard, U. W.
'75, has appointed a special com-
mittee on advertising and pub-
licity, this phase of the meet be-
ing in the competent hands of
Israel Schrimski, Paul Wright and
Elias Bredin.
                    By SHIGEYOSHI OBATA, '13
   ED. NoTE-This poem was written bya young Japanese student and member of
the Wisconsin
International Club. Mr. Obata describes in verse the impression which the
university made upon
him as he entered in the fall of 1909. The distinctly oriental atmosphere
of the poem is es-
pecially interesting.
  When morning mist arises on the silver lake
  And weaves white silken wreaths round thy hills and halls,
  When upon thy dome and thy golden groves about
  The evening sun in golden glory falls-
      Oh how beautiful, how beautiful, Wisconsin!
  Abound in thee, as flowers, fruits, and trees,
  In mountains of the south, all knowledges to be sought;
  As with jewels and gems from seas of the west,
  With virtues and honors thy radiant breast is fraught;
      Oh how glorious, how glorious, Wisconsin!
  Now buried in thy rapturous bosom, I dream and drink
  The purple cups that thou pourest me full and free;
  And my heart is with future joys and riches o'erflowed;
  Oh God be thanked that I am come to, thee!
      Make me ever thine, forever thine, Wisconsin.
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