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Brunkow, Sue; Higgins, Brian (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 82, No. 1 (October 1977)

Junior year abroad,   pp. 11-[13]

Page 11

Year Abroad
  Have you ever wondered what it
would be like to live in another
country, maybe even go to school
there? If you're a freshman or
sophomore in the College of Engi-
neering, this article could be the
beginning of the answer to your
question. UW engineering students
have a unique opportunity to study
and travel during their junior year
in Mexico and Germany and receive
credit for doina it.
  The Mexican program was start-
ed in 1961 with a grant from the
Carnegia Corporation. The school is
El Instituto Technolgico y de Estu-
dios Superiores de Monterrey, in
Monterrey, Mexico, better known
as "the Tec." It is a private school
with  an  outstanding reputation
throughout Latin America. School
starts with an intensive review of
first year Spanish during a six week
summer session. One year of college
level Spanish is required. During the
year, classes are all taught in Span-
ish. UW students sometimes have an
advantage in the fact that some of
the engineering textbooks that are
used were written in the United
States and haven't been translated
into Spanish. Because of this, the
classes move much slower, but most
Tec students carry an average of 24
credits per semester. Traveling is
also an  important part of the
program. Some trips are planned
for the UW students during Tec
vacation  periods, and there are
opportunities for them to plan
others for themselves.
  The German program, which was
started in 1972, is very different.
Students usually spend the summer
before their school year working
somewhere in Germany. They have
a  choice   of  several  different
schools, all state universities. Before
they leave, students plan their own
programs with the help of an
advisor, being sure that all credits
will transfer. While they're in Ger-
many, the students are registered at
UW, and are admitted to the Ger-
man universities as special students.
They are promised UW    credit as
long as they do well. Two years of
college level German is required for
this program.
  Both of these programs are con-
sidered self-selecting. This means
that anyone who meets the require-
ments can go, if he/she wants to.
The only qualifications are: 1) the
language requirement (one year of
The Library Frieze at Monterrey Tech, Monterrey, Mexico
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