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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

The engineer in athletics,   pp. 208-209

Page 208

208               The Wllisconsin Eniginieer.
          THE U. W. ENGINEERS' CLUB.
  The close of this semester finds the Club in a very prosperous
conclition. The membership is now the limiting fifty. The
meetings have been well attended and the work in the Club has
been uniformly good during the year, for although the pro-
gramnnes have of necessity followed the same old lines, the work
in debates, papers and discussion has been characterized by a good
lively interest from all sides.
  As has been customary in past years the Club year closed with
two jollification meetings. The first of these was the Freshman
blow-out, held -May 17t1, in which event most of those who came
in this year took part, and a very commendable programme was
  The second of these, and the last meeting of the year, was held
at the Avenue Hotel, May 24th, with some thirty members pres-
ent, besides several gutests and honorary members. The occasion
was the annual banquet and was a satisfactory finale to a year of
hard work. Toasts were given by the guests and several of the
students and a general good time was enjoyed by all.
  The officers of the Club during the last third of this year were:
  President, \W. P. Hirschberg; Vice President, W. L. Thorkel-
Son; Secretary and Treasurer, L. H. Lathrop; Censor, H. T.
Phlumb; Assistant Censor, F. C. Stieler.
  Although engineers have the greater part of their time taken
up by work of different kinds, they have, nevertheless, found time
to ably represent the University in the various departments of
athletics. Engineers have played on our foot ball and base ball
teams and have taken a prominent part in track athletics, but it is
with crew work that they have been most closely identified.
  It is to be regretted that they can not take a more important
part in foot ball than they do. There are men among them who
have the necessary weight and brawn, but the afternoon hours de-
voted to foot ball practice are already taken for work in the shops

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