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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

J. B. J.; F. E. T.
Book reviews,   pp. 226-228

Page 226

2:GThe lTiscowisin Egineer.
                      BOOK RE.VIEWS.
  This is a hook especially designed as a text hook in the leading
colleges of elngineering. It is, however, of equal value to the
practical water-works engineer. It marks an epoch in the litera-
ture on this stuject. It brings to the designing of public water-
supplies the samne degree of critical analysis and foresight which
has long been available to the engineering profession in other
lines of practice. The work has been written by specialists in the
several departments of purity of water-supplies, of general water-
works designing, and of pumping machinery. A most valuable
feature of the work, lwhich at once engages the attention of the re-
viewer, is a list at the bottom of each chapter of all the important
literature on the subjects treated of in that chapter. These lists
are very complete and carefully selected, there being six hundred
and eighlty-two in all. These lists are further classified tinder sub-
headings in each case.
  It is (lifficult to give an adequate description of this work in a
short review. The general arrangement and sequence of subjects,
together with the paragraphing and the bold-faced, topical head-
imgs, a(lapt it especially to its use as a text book.
  The anialvtical treatment, which many of the problems of de-
Si-n have received in this work, gives to it a unique character and
will lead to a more scientific construction of public works. Strik-
ing, instances of this analytical treatment are chapters VII and
KIV, on Ground-water and on Works for the Collection of
Ground-wvater. Here is formulated the loss of flow of ground-
water, in(ler the varying conditions which the water-works en-
g-ineer must take into account. In these chapters the exhaustive
experimental and analytical studies which have been carried out in
the College of APIgriculture in the University of Wisconsin have
been utilized. These studies are of special importance to all
  * PUBLIC WATER SUPPLIES.- Requirements, Resources, and the Con-
struction of Works, by F. E. Turneaure, C. E., Professor of Bridge and
Sanitary Engineering, and H. L. Russell, Ph. D., Professor of Bacteriology,
University of Wisconsin: with a Chapter on Pumping Machinery by D. W.
Mead, C. E., M. Am. Soc. C. E., etc. Published by John Wiley & Sons,
New York. Large octavo, 746 pages, 531 cuts. Price $5.00.
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