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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 3 (November 1943)

New executives,   pp. 38-39

Page 38

New Executives
   This month we introduce two new
officials on the staff of the Engi-
  Our new associate editor is Glenn
Jacobson and new business manager
is Don Caldwell. Editor Niles, how-
ever, remains situated as is.
  The reason for this switch is due
to an Engineer policy to always let
a retiring officer hang around as
emeritus boss for one semester after
retiring. Although the new officers
control the mag, the predecessors
are always around to help them over
the rough spots-of which there
are plenty, so help me! Bill Jacob-
son (Glenn's brother) and John
Caldwell (no relation to Don) each
graduate  next February, conse-
quently they will have one semester
left to teach the new dogs old tricks.
  Enough of this confab, on with
the stories.
  This handsome looking gent,
peering out from behind that grin,
is the pride of the chem engineers,
Don Caldwell.
  A senior in the aforementioned
department, Don is a resident of
Madison. His high schools are
many and varied although it is be-
lieved he graduated from Lodi High.
While there, he was happily en-
gaged in dramatics, Boy Scouts (in
which he was a star-literally),
played football, and of all things
was sports editor of his high school
paper. And him on our business
staff all these years.
   Before starting at the U., he spent
 the summer of 1940 touring the
 country. He rode a bike to Salt
 Lake City, Utah, and from there
 thumbed his way to Los Angeles,
 California (What he did with the
 bike he wouldn't mention, but it
 was either the galloping dominoes
 or a girl). After seeing all there
 was to be seen of L. A. (you should
 hear the way he rolls that L. A. off
 his tongue, just as though he had
 lived there), he hitched his way to
 Seattle and spent some time at this
 metropolis. He then hopped a fast
 freight for home, but the brakeman
 induced him to travel on another
 road-with force. So Don hitched
 the rest of the way.
 Since then, Don has confined his
 athletic experiments to his weight
 lifting hobby and an attempt to
 swim Mendota last summer. After
 41/2 miles, he was fished out, draped
 over a barrel, and brought home.
 Another of his athletic achieve-
 ments is a large briar (Iron Fire-
 man Automatic Stoking). His main
 trouble is keeping the darn thing
 lit. He is considering using pow-
 dered coal and water tube coolers.
 Kerosene over shredded corn silk
 cooked fine, but he didn't care for
 the aroma of Havana El Eyebrow.
 His favorite adornments are plaid
 shirts and girls. He says girls are
 all right in their place-anyplace.
 His biggest job is trying to keep
 the editorial staff from spending too
much money on each issue.
  But just wait 'til February!
   Glenn Jacobson, sophomore chem
 engineer, is stepping into his brother
 Bill's position as associate editor of
 the magazine. Last year he had
 charge of the alumni section, a fea-
 ture that received honorable men-
 tion at this fall's convention of Engi-
 neering College Magazines Associ-
 ated. This summer, except for a
 time when he was waging a fight
 with pneumonia, he was editing
 campus news.
 Glenn was very active during his
 high school career at Genoa City,
 Wisconsin. He was a letter man in
 basketball and baseball, worked on
 the school paper, played in the
 band, and took part in forensics
 and dramatics. He was president of
 his senior class and valedictorian.
 He has continued his good work
 here, obtaining freshman honors
 last year. In addition to his work
 on the Engineer, he has been pub-
 licity chairman for the A.I.Ch.E.
 this year, and one of their ace mem-
 bership salesmen. In the line of
 athletics, he took part in dorm in-
 tramurals last year, and has joined
 the Hoofers' Club. He recently
 pledged Theta Chi.
 Glenn expects to graduate in
 July, 1945, and would like to enter
 industry at that time if the war is
 not over. After the war he plans
 to attend law school, and become a
patent attorney.

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