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Baird, Jerome E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 47, Number 8 (May 1943)

Haas, Bill
On the campus,   pp. 28-[29]

Page 28

Societies Elect Officers . .
                          ON THE CAMPUS
                                   &6&d Jt B13dl alaad, cr45
  Polygon Board, prevented by the
war from sponsoring the Engineer-
ing Exposition scheduled for this
year, has undertaken other projects
to promote extra-curricular activi-
ties and to raise money for the en-
  The Board began its 1942-43 pro-
gram with the opening of school
last fall when it sponsored a joint
membership drive for the six pro-
fessional societies. An all-engineer-
ing smoker was held on September
30 to acquaint the engineers with
the activities and officers of the so-
cieties and supply the societies with
a list of prospective members. The
Polygon Ball was held November 28
with Virginia Healy ruling as "Slide
Rule Queen." Arrangements for
special financial aid to societies with-
out sufficient funds to carry on their
year's program was also made last
winter. The program of the board
was concluded with the Beard Grow-
ing contest, St. Pat's election and
the Engineers' Dance.
  A final accounting of the buttons
and tickets sold shows that the engi-
neers hlave put on a campaign this
year that has smashed all previous
records for St. Pat elections during
non-exposition years. A total of 350
tickets and 4,700 buttons were sold.
The profits of the campaign were
divided among the societies accord-
ing to the ticket and buttons sales
of each one.
  Polygon Board this year intends
to continue its program through the
summer session and will welcome
any suggestions for summer activi-
ties. Such suggestions may be left
office. Last spring the Board initiat-
ed the policy of placing their re-
serve funds in investments that will
aid the war effort by buying a $500
war bond. This year the Board in-
tends to invest its remaining funds
in keeping with this policy.
               -JOHN MEIGS.
           Secretary, Polygon Board
  Baked ham, the election of new
officers, and colored movies high-
lighted the April session of the
Mining Club, which met in the
M&ME    library on Tuesday the
fourteenth. The ham, perfectly sea-
soned by the addition of cloves,
brown sugar, and a ginger ale-raisin
sauce, and baked in one of our elec-
tric furnaces, was prepared under
the direction of George Pazik whose
finesse in culinary art cannot be de-
nied. When served with baked po-
tatoes and salad, it made a delicious
meal, in honor of which George re-
ceived a rousing sky-rocket from
the members.
  Election of officers occupied the
business portion of the meeting and
the following were elected: Wally
Wollering, president; Jim Hall,
vice-president; Harvey Zielke, sec-
retary; Gordon Benson, treasurer.
  The movies shown were "The
Story of Sand" and "Coal and Its
Uses." The former depicted the
geological deposition of sand and
its modern uses in industry. The lat-
ter concerned the manufacture of
metallurgical coke and its by-prod-
uct, sulfate of ammonia. Emphasis
was placed on the uses and advan-
tages of the sulfate of ammonia as
a fertilizer in agriculture.
  The next meeting of the club
will be on May 5, and although no-
body knows what the dinner is to
consist of, those members who have
a definite liking for Polish sausage
and sauerkraut (or should this be
called liberty cabbage?), will be in
for a real treat.
            -WARREN FRISKE
  On April 12 and 13, Group XI
of the A.S.M.E. held its eleventh
annual student conference on the
campus of Northwestern University
at Evanston, Illinois. The headquar-
ters of the meetings was Northwest-
ern's new technological institute, a
college devoted to scientific research
and education.
  The morning of April 21 was
spent in registering and in inspec-
tion tours of the campus. The tech-
nical sessions opened in the after-
noon with five speakers from five
different schools speaking on sub-
jects of an engineering nature. The
annual banquet was held in the
Georgian Hotel at which Dean Ken-
neth Olson of the Northwestern
School of Journalism spoke on
"Propaganda and War News."
  The technical sessions were con-
tinued on the morning of April 13.
Five more students spoke and our
own Bob Lanz was chairman.
Luncheon was served at the Geor-
gian Hotel, after which prizes were
awarded to the winning contestants.
  Karl Pennau of our engineering
school, who spoke on "Domestic
Stoker Installations," was awarded
fourth prize.
  The conference closed on the aft-
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