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Ketchum, Paul M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 42, Number 5 (February 1938)

Alumni notes,   pp. 92-95

Page 92

  KELLETT, WILLIAM, '22, is mana-
ger of the Lakeview and Badger-Globe
Mills of the Kimberly Clark Corporation
at Neenah, Wisconsin.
  EASTWOOD, PAUL, '29, is in the
research department of Kimberly Clark
at Kimberly, Wisconsin.
  CATLIN, JOHN, '30, a former prom
king, is sales promotion engineer for Kim-
berly Clark.
  ELLIS, P. G., '31, formerly a member
of the teaching staff of the Chemical En-
gineering Department is assistant rate
engineer for the Wisconsin Public Ser-
vice Corporation at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
  RODERICK, HARRY, '36, is a radio
engineer with Westinghouse engaged in
ultra high frequency development. Ad-
dress: 90 Waite Street, Chicopee Falls,
  ALLEN, LAWRENCE H., '34, for-
merly with the American Can Company
at St. Louis, has accepted a position as
maintenance and production engineer
with the Crown Can Company of Madi-
  HOLLAND, W. L., '34, who was with
the American Radiator Company, is now
employed by the F. 0. Glas Company of
Milwaukee as sales engineer.
'33, is engaged in research
work for Kimberly Clark
at Kimberly.
H., '34, now employed by
D a n i e I s Manufacturing
Company at Rhinelander,
Wisconsin, is chemist in
the printing ink depart-
  MAX, A. M., '34, write3
that he is doing research
work on electroplating for
the Turnstedt Hardware
Company of D e t r o i t,
G., od/, yS Tirplead Ruby
Goodyear Tire and Rubber
Company at Akron, Ohio.
  SJOBLOM, AXEL T., '10, electric
distribution engineer for the Public Util-
ity Engineering and Service Corporation,
died of a heart attack October 22 in
Tucson, Arizona. From 1911 to 1916
Mr. Sjoblom was employed by the Isth-
mian Canal- Commission in Panama, and
during the war he served in Washington
with the Emergency Fleet Corporation.
After the war he worked for a time with
the Fairbanks-Morse Company, and in
1926 was appointed electric distribution
engineer of Public Utility Engineering
and Service Corporation, a position held
until death.
  STEWART, D. J., '21, manager of the
Electrical Division of the Barber Cole-
man Company, Rockford, Illinois, and
Prof. D. W. Nelson of the Mechanical
Engineering Department presented a pa-
per before the American Society of Heat-
ing and Ventilating Engineers, and the
American Society of Refrigerating Engi-
neers on "Air Distribution from Side
Wall Outlets."
Bascom Hall Looking Past Engineering Building
     CADWELL, JAMES J., '36, who did
   graduate work first semester, is now an
   instructor in the Mechanics Department
   at the University.
       Miners and Metallurgists
     LAWSON, STEWART C., '17, is en-
   gaged in sales promotion for Ampco In-
   corporated, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
     SCHOEN, JOHN E., M.S.'29, has re-
   cently been made chairman of the De-
   partment of Mechanical Engineering at
   Marquette University.
     GALLISTEL, ALBERT F., '35, M.S.
   '36, and Miss Elizabeth Ransom of Madi-
   son were married in Madison January
   15. After a brief honeymoon in North-
   ern Wisconsin, Mr. and Mrs. Gallistel
   will make their home in Philadelphia
   where Mr. Gallistel is employed in the
   technical development division of Leeds-
   Northrup Company.
     NIEMAN, GILBERT O., '36, who is
   engaged in the fox fur industry at Hom-
   burg, Wisconsin, acted as groom's man
   at the Gallistel reunion wedding Janu-
   ary 15.
has recently left his position in the min-
ing department of United States Gypsum
Corporation and has entered the pro-
duction department of Shell Petroleum
Corporation at Houston, Texas.
  KUNESH, JOSEPH F., '14, assistant
chief engineer, Board of Water Supply,
Honolulu, was elected president of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association of Hawaii
in November. He writes: "Wisconsin
alumni, particularly engineers, are re-
quested to toot their horn in passing
through the Paradise of the Pacific. We
            h a v e dinners, Hawaiian
music, and hula dancing
for all Wisconsinites whose
presence becomes known."
C., '34, visited the college
on January 27. He is on a
seven-months' leave from
his duties as surveyman for
the Angolo Diamond Com-
pany of the Belgian Con-
go, where, he says, condi-
tions are more thrilling
than even Devil's Lake.
Cobras are frequent and
lizards as big as crocodiles
keep the surveyman on his
               VAN HAUAN, CHAS.
            E., '36, was married on
            January 15 to Lorraine
Hanchett of Rhinelander.
  BOGOST, MEYER S., '36, was ap-
pointed, about the first of the year, Pub-
lic Health Officer for Pierce County,
Washington, with headquarters at Ta-
  JOHNSON, ROBERT C., '17, has re-
cently formed a partnership with Vern
K. Boynton, industrial engineer of Mil-
waukee, to offer professional engineer-
ing services.
  EPPLER, JOHN F., '37, who is taking
a training course with the Crane Com-
pany of Chicago, writes: "Encourage
any engineers who may come to Chicago
and who would like to see manufacturing
in the raw to come out and ask for me.
I'd appreciate it."
  POLK, WILLIAM H., '37, now em-
ployed by Joseph F. Ryerson and Son
Incorporated, of Chicago, is in the Plate
Works Order Department engaged in
the fabrication and sale of iron and
steel products.
  PALMER, VERNON, '33, is doing re-
search work with the Soil Conservation
Service in Georgia.
gThe Wisconsin Engineer
at,e 3

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