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Matthias, F. T. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 33, Number VIII (May 1929)

Geissman, Theodore A.
Engineering review,   pp. 290-291

Page 290

                                           *      A.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    IX   -.~~XN~KN%.'
Dean F. E. Turneaure Reviews
                of TWO DECADES
                Bv J. A. L. WADDELL, Consulting Engineer
T  HIS is a noteworthy collection of
    papers by one of our well-known
and most successful engineers, whose
active professional life has covered
more than half a century. In this
compendium of 1 175 pages are in-
Comity  and  Its Im-
portance to American
Industries'';    The         Mem
American Academy of           Mdd
                 s AimAddress
Engineers: I t s Alms           Deo
and Objects", -a pro-
posal by Dr. Waddell     was edited
f o r  a  congressional  1 Skinner, Cc
charter for an Ameri     neer, and
can Academy, to con-     Mack Print
sist o f distinguished   Easton, Per
engineers organized in
such a way as to
render the highest ser-
Engineering Literature ---- 2 papers
Alloy Steels for Bridge Con-
  structionÖ _-             5 papers
Economics -8 papers
Bridge Construction in
  General         Ö       11 papers
Contracts      Ö--  --      2 papers
Railroad Subjects    Ö      3 papers
Matters Chinese _-_-___-14 papers
Miscellaneous Topics     - 5 papers
  A mere enumeration of the titles of
these papers is sufficient to show that
Dr. Waddell is no narrow technician.
Of the sixty-six papers, more than
half deal with subjects of broad pro-
fessional and technical interest. Fur-
thermore, in his treatment of the more
technical subjects, he has in most cases
dealt  with  important  fundamental
questions, and his conclusions, based
on painstaking research and analysis,
arc presented in such a manner as to
be readily understood and applied.
To the engineering student it is of
especial interest to know that many
of these published papers are in the
form of addresses to bodies of engi-
neering on the commencement plat-
form or before small groups of civil
engineers. Among the papers of more
general interest, are mentioned the
following: "International Engineering
              cluded a total of 66
                 papers and addresses
)irs and         whose breadth of field
,es of Two       is well illustrated by
2ades            a list of the groups
                 into which they are
by Frank W.     classified. These are as
nsulting Egi-   follows:
published by    The Engineering Pro-
ing Company,       fession __ 9 papers
insylvania.      Ethics of Engineering
-The Editor.       ___-__-2 papers
                 Technical Education -
                    ' 7 papers
   vice to the public and the profession;
   "Engineering Research"; "Engineering
   Ideals"; "Important Questions in Engi-
   neering Education"; "Technical Book
   Writing"; "The Study of Economics
   in Engineering Schools"; " B r i d g e
   Economics for Foreign Lands"; "Es-
   thetics in Bridge Design"; "Engineer-
   ing Contracts"; and the fourteen
   papers under the group entitled "Mat-
   ters Chinese", which relate to engi-
   neering and educational problems in
     Dr. Waddell's interest in the Orient
   dates from 1882, when he was ap-
   pointed professor of Civil Engineering
   at the Imperial University of Tokyo,
   and where he did much to assist in the
   development of Japanese engineering
   education. More recently, his engi-
   neering practice has carried him into
   many lands, and he is at present em-
   ployed as engineering adviser to the
   Chinese Government. Incidentally, he
   is a thorough believer in foreign lan-
   guage study for engineers, and it is
worth nothing that two of the papers
published in this work were written
in French,-- one of them being an
address delivered before the Franco
Chinese Institute of Shanghai in 1921;
and the other a paper presented at a
meeting of the National Society of
Civil Engineers at Paris.
   A valuable part of this book is the
biographical sketch by the editor,
which sets forth in an interesting way
the career of this busy and successful
engineer.  It is difficult to under-
stand how Dr. Waddell could have
placed so much on record, -an ac-
complishment which has been possible
only by reason of his great energy and
enthusiasm, coupled with systematic
habits of study and of recording re-
sults of his own professional work.
The editor, Mr. Frank Skinner, a life-
time friend of the author, has done
the profession a service in making
available this collection of papers, and
has greatly enhanced their value by
the explanatory notes which preface
each group. The book can be highly
commended to the student of engi-
neering, and it will well repay even
a brief examination of its contents or
a perusal of one or two of the papers.
Dr. Waddell's writings have often been
characterized by editors as illustrating
most excellent diction and great clear-
ness of expression, and have been used
not infrequently by teachers of engi-
neering students from that point of
view. We take pleasure in bringing
this work to the attention of the
readers of the Wisconsin Engineer.
         F. E. Turneaure, Dean,
         College of Mechanics and
         University of Wisconsin.
           ING SCIENCE
  Hotel Engineering is to be made a
part of the summer curriculum at
Cornell University, of Ithaca, New
York.   The  course will treat the
engineering fundamentals of hotel op-
eration: heating, ventilating, machin-
ery, electrical apparatus and appli-
ances, communication systems, ele-
vators, and the principles employed in
Volume 3 3, No. 8

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