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Hove, Arthur O. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 69, Number 4 (Jan. 1968)

The University,   pp. 20-25

Page 20

The University
UW Remains Sixth
in Total Enrollment
T HE UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin
    remains sixth in the nation in
total enrollments this year; the Wis-
consin State Universities are eighth,
up from 1 1th place last year in the
annual School and Society magazine
compilations by Dr. Garland G.
Parker of the University of Cincin-
  In total enrollment, the University
of Wisconsin is listed sixth with
57,052 students, the Wisconsin State
Universities eighth with 50,996. In
full-time students, the Wisconsin
State Universities are sixth with
45,618, while the University of Wis-
consin is seventh with 44,267.
  While the figures in the School and
Society tabulations differ somewhat
from official institutional enrollment
figures because of slightly different
definitions of enrollment and cut-off
times for reporting, the relative size
of institutions is accurate. Another
comparison would be the 1967 on-
campus enrollments of 54,997 for
the University of Wisconsin and
50,996 for Wisconsin State Universi-
  The top 10 institutions in total
enrollment are listed by School and
Society as: State University of New
York, 225,572; California State Col-
leges, 212,376; City University of
New York, 143,494; University of
California, 120,383; University of
Minnesota, 64,558; University of
Wisconsin, 57,052; University of
Texas, 53,468; Wisconsin State Uni-
versities, 50,996; University of Illi-
nois, 47,974; and Indiana University,
Bryant E. Kearl Appointed
Madison Campus Vice Chancellor
B RYANT F, Kearl, associate dean
    of the graduate school and pro-
fessor of agricultural journalism at
the University, has been named Vice
Chancellor of the Madison campus.
   According to the terms of his ap-
pointment, Dr. Kearl will work with
colleges and departments in the
development of their academic and
research programs. He will give par-
ticular attention to new programs,
especially those involving inter-
departmental relationships, to inter-
national programs of the Madison
faculty, and to efforts of departments
to improve undergraduate and gradu-
ate teaching.
   He will retain his title as professor
of agricultural journalism. He has
served that department for more than
25 years, many of those years as
   A native of Idaho, Dr. Kearl holds
the B.S. degree in political science
and journalism from the Utah State
Agricultural College. He earned the
master of science degree in agricul-
tural journalism at Wisconsin and
the Ph.D. in political science and
journalism at the University of Min-
nesota. He came to Wisconsin in
1941 as a graduate assistant and 10
years later was named chairman of
agricultural journalism. He became
Associate Dean of the Graduate
School in 1963.
  In 1952 he spent four months as
special consultant to the Federal
Ministry of Agriculture in Germany,
advising officials how to apply the
"Wisconsin Idea" to rebuilding Ger-
man agriculture. In 1961-62 he was
visiting professor at the University of
Bonn. In 1964-65 he was planning
officer for the University of East Af-
rica. He has been active in the UW
land tenure program in Latin
America. His publications range from
communication in developing coun-
tries to the political content of news-
Committees Conducting Search
for Two New Deans
T HE UNIVERSITY is currently
    in the process of finding succes-
sors for two Madison Campus deans
who will be leaving their positions
this year-Dr. Arthur H. Uhl of the
                Wisconsin Alumnus

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