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Hove, Arthur O. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 69, Number 4 (Jan. 1968)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 4

Page 4

Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. /Executive Director
  Wisconsin is a great university because of the outstanding quality of the
people who have contributed their individual and collective resources
to its substance and reputation. Wherever you look in the fields of teaching,
research, and public service, notable Wisconsin men and women have made
their mark not only on the history of the University, but on the history
our civilization.
   This fact was brought forcibly to mind recently with the death of the
famous Dr. Harry Steenbock. Here was a man who brought great fame to
his native state and his alma mater through a discovery that-was beneficial
millions and millions of people throughout the entire world. Dr. Steenbock
not only found a cure for rickets in his discovery of Vitamin D, but, when
it was apparent that he could realize a great deal of income from the develop-
ment of his discovery, he insisted that the benefits be turned over to the
  With the assistance of Dean Charles Sumner Slichter, Dr. Steenbock
helped organize the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Over the years,
millions of dollars have been returned to the University for research in
life sciences and humanities through this organization. Dr. Steenbock's type
of individual greatness and selflessness has characterized the strength of
University throughout its history.
   In reflecting on the achievements of Dr. Steenbock, it is essential to
take note of the many University of Wisconsin people who have made notable
contributions to society ranging from the discovery of a test for butterfat
milk to providing the guiding spirit behind the formulation of our Social
Security system.
   The people who have been responsible for these breakthroughs have,
characteristically, also been self-effacing individuals who have been willing
to dedicate their lives to building a better University as well as a better
Perhaps it would be useful to list just a few of those Wisconsin people who
have made significant contributions to this University. Everyone, I realize,
will have his own list, but here are some memorable Wisconsin names I think
appropriate to mention in this instance: Stephen M. Babcock, Frederick
Jackson Turner, Charles R. Van Hise, Selig Perlman, Edwin Witte, E. A.
Birge, Conrad Elvehjem, Howard K. Beale, Helen C. White, George C.
Sellery, William Ellery Leonard, and Alexander Meiklejohn. Quite naturally,
this list is only a partial categorization of those individuals who have,
through their particular personal gifts, enriched the University.
   These are, however, names of the past-like Dr. Steenbock, they are now
a part of our proud Wisconsin heritage. It is important to remember and
honor those people who have put this university in the forefront of higher
education. But it is also important to take stock of current and coming
generations. There are people on this campus now who will soon reach the
magnitude of those who have gone before. They deserve our recognition and
encouragement, for it is here that men and women are continuing the search
for truth and knowledge which best describes the University of Wisconsin.
It is here that revelation and innovation are commonplace.
   This is what constitutes the special element of greatness that is Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Alumnus

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